Vincent: If the initial half of 2018 had been a dark Middle Ages using a flurry of demons, after that from July, Dapp begun to usher in the harbinger from the Renaissance. In the second half of the entire year, increasingly more game sector veterans and major companies begun to deploy video games; geeks keeping a thermos glass in the Lot of money 500 “revived” in the brand new gadget of encrypted artwork; although the overall situation continues to be BC The planet of video games, but the technologies is indeed getting stronger. There are increasingly more content of the nature of the work, which really is a good offer. At exactly the same time, we discussed our own sights on wallets and decentralized exchanges. We’ve reason to trust that in the next 2019, blockchain could have more meaningful and fascinating products, and competitors will become more intense.
If the initial half of the entire year was a one-man show in Ethereum
Then in the second half of the entire year, the prologue of 100 plants blooming
July: July 6th to 8th for the eve from the outbreak, the initial domestic blockchain game hackathon (hackathon, or hacker festival)
CiGA Game Jam may be the largest offline game hackathon in the home game circle. Its principle is that there are no rules. It only demands you to carefully turn your creativeness into a game within 48 hours, just to allow hackers to complete self-improvement and breakthroughs at the limit.

In this image, there are a large number of developers who are still contributing to the Dapp circle
Vincent, the CEO of DappReview, participated in the first Game Jam in 2011. In those days, it was just a specific niche market event with just a dozen individuals in the Yedao office. But 7 yrs later, Game Jam has been held at the same time in six towns and much more than 1,000 individuals participated. Like a sponsor, DR supported the activities of Shanghai Place and Beijing Place, and specially additional blockchain game classes.

This competition really gave birth to the embryonic types of several future chain tour masterpieces, such as for example Wu Xiao’s “Last Trip” and Master’s “CardMaker”. The former is a stylized puzzle game. Later, three chain variations of ETH, TRON and NAS were developed. The second option is a cards game in which gamers can create content material. After the end of the Game Jam, the merchandise was polished for 2 2 months, and it gained the NEO blockchain game competition double crown in one fell swoop. From then on, I immersed myself in advancement for a few several weeks. In mid-December, a total of 300,000 RMB gift packs were pre-sale. The game will be officially launched for the ETH mainnet on Jan 28, 2019.
July 11, the blockchain version of Hearthstone “GodsUnchained”
The previous article mentioned “EtherBots” and their advancement team Fuel Games in January. The team started the development of “GodsUnchained” after obtaining a circular of financing of 2.4 million People dollars.

This can be a hearthstone game with cards for the chain. Using its good front-end overall performance and exquisite cards set, they have attracted the attention of a lot of players in the group. It offered a card deal worthy of 400ETH within 5 days of going on-line. , The product sales exceeded 3000 ETH from the 16th day time. You should know that 3000 ETH may be the money that players paid for the overall game itself, and “GodsUnchained” does not adopt the fundraising style of a currency task.
July 20 Fomo3D sweeping the whole circle
In the initial section of this article-April, we discussed “POWH” and the clone wars in those days. This sort of game is actually a Ponzi fund. Since the game itself does not create worth, and there is absolutely no external funding insight, this This sort of game can only be a genuine zero-sum game-leeks are mutually cut, and the roles of lower and lower must choose one.
The innovation of “Fomo 3D” may be the introduction of a growth-stimulating model. Because of the temptation of the ultimate Key purchaser to monopolize the prize pool, players will need the effort to frequently inject ETH in to the prize pool. The 24-hour setting must be continued every day, so the money in the overall game are guaranteed to cultivate at the very least 2880 Secrets per day.

The ninth round of Fomo3D has long lost its ability to attract gold.
It ought to be admitted which the prize pool system of “Fomo 3D” is indeed really sophisticated. The player’s spontaneous competitors can make people have confidence in its sustainability and can make people believe it will not end. This function of course furthermore caused a particular degree of hype (exaggerated publicity). In fact, Fomo 3D sacrificed area of the dividend money while ensuring stable growth at the square root level. In fact, this growth capability is not enough to support the development of the later on game, because gamers with high dividends often have to increase the dimension of the overall game money to several periods the existing to break also. This can make the time needed to pay back significantly increased, and gamers lose the motivation to continue buying the later on stages.
When Fomo 3D was the hottest, DappReview counted the player’s profit and loss data (data snapshot: by July 23 at 5 pm)
In the complete game, the total number of players is 16,527. among them:
3430 accounts floating profit
12988 accounts floating loss
Team JUST, the advancement team of “Fomo3D”, has remained anonymous, and contains buried a lot of easter eggs in the overall game, including front-end program code, command line, vapor wave culture, classic spoof, Jekyll Isle meeting, Congress bill, encrypted route Figure and various ridicules. I recall that during that time, Vincent worked day and night to decrypt and discover clues, and finally published the Fomo3D decryption trilogy.

  1. “The Fomo3D you have fun with may be totally different from the main one I have fun with? [Full analysis of history, data, and Easter eggs]”
  2. “THE NEXT Bomb from the Fomo3D Easter Egg-The Government Reserve on Ethereum? 
  3. “Fomo3D Easter Egg Third Bomb-We resolved the Roadmap puzzle, it turned out to be…”
    Readers that haven’t read this are recommended to collect and read.
    The replica of “Fomo3D” on EOS on July 24-“Werewolf”.

This is probably the first painful lesson that casts a shadow on the psychology of EOS Dapp players. Beneath the suggestion of some EOS veterans on Weibo, a lot of players inserted the location with a feeling of “I missed the Fomo of ETH, I must not miss EOS”. Two days after “Werewolf” proceeded to go live, more than 90,000 EOS inserted the agreement. On July 26, a player broke the news concerning the overflow vulnerability. The team issued an statement and went on-line again after the enhance. However, the vulnerability had not been completely repaired and much more than 60,000 EOS were stolen. Because of this, the game had been closed, & most from the tou (ji) investors lost their money. Concerning the Rashomon occurrence, some people mentioned that it had been a self-directed and self-performed bookmaker’s guardian and self-pirate, plus some people found a series of possible interest groupings behind it, plus they were not in agreement.

A lot of the Fomo-like imitation discs are already cool
After Ethereum’s Fomo3D became popular, several copies appeared within a week, Fomo2D, Fomo4D, FomoFast, FomoLightning… everything. Someone even made a new Fomo copy Fomo2Moon in Jan 2019.
In fact, that is no not the same as the proliferation of drumming and growing flowers and zoo video games in the initial half of the entire year. After a new gameplay appeared, a lot of reproductions landed for the beach in the fastest, simplest and rude method, looking to get a share from the pie.
But frequently within 2 weeks, most of the copies are chilly.
The annual ChinaJoy in August is here again. This time, a new summit focused on the topic of blockchain video games-“Cina Blockchain Technology and Game Programmers Conference” has been added. DappReview aided ChinaJoy in appealing well-known foreign chain game developers, which includes Decentraland CEO Ariel, CryptoKitties co-founder Benny, Pixowl COO Sebastien, Loom CEO Wayne and CTO Luke, as well as early home explorers Tang Sangtian, Zhang Xuan, Chen Hao, Song Yang, etc., in addition to the three main domestic engine producers Cocos, Egret, and Laya furthermore all attended the meeting, which can be reported to be the highest-spec blockchain game conference in 2018.

As soon as May when preparation this meeting, Chen Haozhi, CEO of Touch Technology, proposed to produce a blockchain game white paper. Within the next two months, DappReview, in cooperation with Cocos, ChinaJoy and INB Coin Capital, published the “2018 “Blockchain Game Industry White Papers”, which examined the development data of the in the initial half of 2018, as well as the discussion and view on blockchain + video games.

There is a small show in the centre. Because of the lengthy production cycle, the color-printed 1000 white papers were just imprinted in Beijing in past due July. Each copy ‘s almost 40 pages of coated paper. Don’t underestimate the pounds of these 1000 copies. It is difficult for any logistics to reach in Shanghai within a few days and the purchase price is expensive. Lastly, the touch partner got a vehicle, which was filled up with white documents, and drove it from Beijing to Shanghai overnight. These 1,000 brochures were dispersed in two days. The meeting had been quickly found, and until fourteen days after the occasion, there were still lots of people who published to Vincent privately to collect the paper version.

A photo of huge shots (Cocos cocktail celebration)
At the meeting, Vincent had plenty of exchanges with overseas Dapp developers, and discovered that you can find big differences in ideas between domestic and foreign developers. On the main one hand, Vincent thinks that overseas programmers actually think really shallowly at the level of blockchain coupled with games, and much more basically emphasize that game assets are possessed by players, and the exploration at the token degree has not played any tricks.
But alternatively, starting from the overall game itself, they are not so eager for quick achievement, but desire to make some items with innovative gameplay and gameplay.
In fact, we’ve indeed observed that from the end of last year to July this year, most of the strategies of home Dapp video games have been warm spots. After “Crypt Cat”, different encrypted animals have emerged in Tiongkok, which has become a zoo. The popular “Encrypted Nation” during the Spring Celebration, the on-hook series and the farm series in April and May, and the “Fomo3D” in July, Chinese language people have “localized” these video games over and over.
But all of this changed after August. Instead, domestic products became the main drive and iterated rapidly.
The Forgotten ETH.Town

The highly anticipated “ETH.Town”, which began pre-sale in April, was lastly officially released in mid-August. I inserted the overall game eagerly, carefully go through and understood the entire gameplay. Initially, it seems to be always a fusion The household bucket of “encrypted cat birth + warm potato drumming + income discussing + quiz game” is actually rich in content, but following a couple of days of observation, we think that the game’s numerical system and economic system have serious troubles.

  1. Totally tasteless hero synthesis and growth value, in order that no player will synthesize heroes by himself, but will elect to buy in the secondary market.
  2. The design from the in-game token ETIT failure makes the quantity of additional issuance far greater than the quantity of destruction, leading to unlimited inflation.
  3. The access threshold of the overall game is too high and new gamers cannot enter the overall game

The above several obvious problems caused the state version of ETH.Town to complete its life cycle in under 10 days. (For an in depth analysis from the game’s economic system, please find “Deep Analysis of a casino game Ruined by Numerical Design-Ether Town”, which really is a very good harmful textbook)
At 3 pm on August 22, the initial circular of Fomo3D ended.
The technical home with the address 0xa169DF5ED3363cfC4c92ac96C6C5f2A42fCCBF85 created plenty of spam by way of a meal operation and caused the Ethereum to congest for a few minutes. The countdown finished and he acquired 10469.66 ETH. (It was worthy of 20 million RMB at that time)

“EOSBet” premiered in mid-August. This is the first BC-type Dapp on EOS and the initial Dapp that promises dividends. EOS’s good investing experience and high tps have given full have fun with to its benefits and quickly became the very best Dapp. In a few days, it broke with the 1 million EOS deal volume each day, and its deal volume dominated the Dapp ranking first for pretty much 2 months.
September ERC1155
At the start of September, we saw which the ERC1155 protocol, that was developed by Enjin for over fifty percent a year, finally landed, and the purpose of developing a multi-game universe seemed to be a step forward. Most people just know ERC-721 but don’t know its limitations. In mainstream video games, if we abstract out the essential functions of game props, then updates, synthesis, dissolution, investing, etc. are all common requirements, but ERC-721 can only just be used for trading, but it cannot be utilized to inlay gems into weaponry. Complex operations such as for example inside.

ERC-1155 is a regular developed for game props. The above functions are applied as native functions and can be used more conveniently across the game world. In order to explore the overall game multiverse, Enjin offers released several cross-game multiverse props and figures, and distributed them to 6 game development groups. These props will undoubtedly be integrated in their games.
Make reference to “The Parallel World of Blockchain Games and the Enjin Wallet Born for this”.
“Evolution Globe”-EvolutionLand
There are not many teams in China who are seriously interested in making products, and you can find fewer operations. “Evolution Planet” may be the nearly all attentive operation we’ve seen in Tiongkok. Starting in June, Tony begun to include various groups in the Dapp group. Slowly, I discovered that he is certainly in any team. Tony has been promoting his items by “moisturizing items silently” + red envelopes. After three complete months of operation, the game started in September. The pre-sale seduced many loyal customers. The Genesis Treasure Package sold a total of 325 ETH. Later on, the land ruler in the overall game was offered at the public sale cost of 10.5 ETH.

“Evolution Globe” is a virtual business game that supports cross-chain. In the 26 continents of the overall game, the governance guidelines are set autonomously by customers. Users can purchase and sell property, excavate elements on their behalf through apostles, construct buildings, and make props. The follow-up PvE and PvP gameplays that’ll be launched in 2019 are the gameplays we anticipate more.
EOS eventful autumn
At this time, EOS, with more BC video games going online, is beginning to earn money. EOS had been naturally targeted by hackers, and several severe incidents of agreement vulnerabilities being attacked and tokens being stolen happened one after another.
On August 27th, Luckyos’ Rock and roll Paper Scissors game was successfully breached.
On September 10th, hackers used a similar vulnerability to attack DEOSBET and received 24 consecutive times, with a total of nearly 24,000 People dollars.
On September 12, a hacker using the account imeosmainnet used a replay attack for the Happy Eos Slot slot machine task, causing the task party to reduce 5000 EOS.
On September 14th, EOSBet, the initial brother of Dapp, was attacked, losing 42,000 EOS.

Every couple of days there after, we will receive news feeds that a specific game has been attacked, which has become a day to day routine in the EOS ecosystem. EOS has been online for more than two months due to its high TPS and contains been favored by dapp programmers. The number of Dapps furthermore showed a spurt of growth. The security from the EOS general public chain itself and how exactly to design security specifications for contract advancement have also seduced increasingly more attention from programmers.
The island mother of Andromeda Technology once commented at that time:
“Rolling the dice” could be regarded as the tiniest available model for Dapp advancement, which hacking occurrence brought the issue from the unsound ecosystem of EOS programmers to the table. When the safety of this kind of Dapp cannot be assured, the Killer Dapp that everyone dreamed is a lot more impossible to talk about. Currently, almost every similar task on EOS has been attacked to differing degrees. On the main one hand, the solid expressive capability of EOS agreements makes many programmers lack a comprehensive consideration of probable vulnerabilities. On the other hand, programmers have just inserted this industry and lack the necessary security strike and defense experience.
EOS contract programmers are in separate battles, & most of the task parties choose never to open supply for safety reasons, but the actual result can only end up being to cover their ears. Hackers can often restore contract info predicated on wasm and abi documents. Oftentimes, closed codes will only hide their very own errors and present hackers a chance. EOS currently does not have some regular libraries like ERC20 and OpenZepplin to supply developers with references for contract design.

As an EOS Dapp developer, you mustn’t only purchase ram and bandwidth from your own pocket, but also work hard. Following the agreement went online, it also faced the privileges of users being defended by hackers, and BP lost blocks. In the end, you may even face the chance of being strike by BM’s dimensionality reduction (the services supplied by EOS Loan company are directly officially put into rex). Developers could be reported to be the hardest individuals in the ecology.

Through the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Dapp known as “EOS PixelMaster” quietly rushed to the front row from the major EOS lists.

“EOS PixelMaster” is a collaborative artwork predicated on blockchain technologies. Players can paint on a 1000×1000 pixel canvas, and use EOS to get pixels in the related position, and the painting could be displayed in front of the world.
This gameplay originated from an April Fool’s Day event for the social news site Reddit in 2017. A fresh section called Place was also launched on a 1000×1000 pixel canvas, that was attracted by multi-player cooperation, but the development period was just 72 hours. Each reddit user can select a colour block from the colour picker (16 shades) below the canvas and “place” it on any pixel for the canvas. Each user needs to fill in a pixel Wait 10 minutes (later on changed to five minutes) before filling up another one.

Reddit Place finished 72 hours later
During January to March 2018, a batch of Dapps with similar gameplay emerged on Ethereum. These canvas video games on ETH possess a similar gameplay to “PixelMaster”. In addition they cost for pixels. Latecomers need to pay higher costs to occupy pixels. The first comers have the proceeds. Players can make, destroy and speculate. There are also pixels. Click on the drum to pass the plants, but none of these became popular.

The reason is that in addition to the more seamless and smooth experience of EOS trading and the good experience of “PixelMaster” itself, we think that the core is that “PixelMaster” adds the element of Fomo3D, that’s, 25% of the overall game revenue enters a prize pool , When the countdown ends, the final pixel buyer are certain to get the complete prize pool, and every purchase increase the countdown.

The underlying style of F3D explores the essential weaknesses of human behavior. On the other hand, “PixelMaster” on EOS offers added sun and rain of Fomo to utilize the weak points of human character to give gamers a stronger motivation to take part in development, destruction, and speculation. At exactly the same time, it appears to have gained a lottery for free. Once the music stops, the final person to buy will have the jackpot in the prize pool.

It appears that any Dapp involving “product sales” and “product sales” behaviors could be “Fomolize”, that’s, adding components of the Fomo gameplay. For example, in “GodsUnchained”, which has been effectively pre-sold for cards packs recently, when the Fomo component is additional, 10% from the sales quantity of all cards packs will undoubtedly be used because the prize pool, and the final person to get the cards pack are certain to get the entire prize pool when the time is exhausted. This sort of gameplay may more activate the player’s purchasing behavior. In the end, no one wants to allow “music end” watching the prize belong to the hands of others. Extended reading “Why is the PixelMaster endowed by Fomo gameplay popular?”
At the end of September, we posted a Weibo. If no-one commented or reposted it within a day, the final person would obtain 0.5 ETH. This activity lasted for greater than a 30 days until mid-November. The secret of Fomo is seen.
Oct Encrypted Artwork
Following the long holiday of November, countless people are still immersed in the regret and chagrin of not having the ability to become “Chinese Koi”. However, the chain group gave birth to a digital koi. An anonymous local netizen launched a casino game and introduced that 310 bitcoins were hidden in the picture below.

This decryption game has 4 levels, the initial level is 0.1 BTC, the second degree is 0.2 BTC, the third degree is 0.31 BTC, and the fourth degree is 310 BTC. The decryption requires cryptography, image processing, coding along with other very hard primary and geeks. Components. Soon the initial and second ranges were broken from the decryption gamers and the decryption concepts were released. When everyone thought that the final degree would take time to crack, but just two days later on, the 4th level’s prize of 310 BTC has been lost. Eliminate.
No one has learned who the ultimate big winner is. The cracker has not demonstrated up, and he has not given the thought of ??cracking the fourth degree. It appears that after fourteen days, no-one cares anymore. In the end, one day for the chain , The planet one year. Extended reading “Geeks and Art: The Correct Decryption Solution to Win 310BTC”
With the release of “BetDice”, the EOS ecology has started the clarion call. EOSBet, who’s singing a one-man show, finally fits his competitors. Everyone includes a good time. FarmEOS and EOS Online poker were launched in October. It appears that everyone saw EOSBet in September. Violence from the violent kills this azure ocean every minute.
October could be reported to be an added bonus time period for mining BC video games, and most gamers are still in a state of ignorance.
BC? Dividends? Token?
How to have fun with this? Why have fun with BC?

Until several head Dapp tokens rose to doubtful life, BetDice’s token DICE exceeded 17 periods in October alone; “EOS Online poker” token Online poker, launched from past due Oct to mid-November, 10 periods . In a carry market where the general decline is certainly 90%, will everyone wait when they find such a double sky of snow and fire?
A couple of days later, a number of anti-gambling groupings were established
Some users haven’t found the correct way to open them, so that they lost all their EOS through increase casting. But gradually, everyone begun to understand the complete gameplay. It turns out that BC itself isn’t the primary, but game mining may be the focus. Earn tokens by playing games, eat dividends, sell cash on exchanges, and generate profits. This is the method users speculate. Are you aware that project side, going to the budget, pulling the community, going to the exchange, regularly operating activities, updating new video games, and continuing to keep gamers hot, this is actually the way for programmers to make money.
It appears that in late October, the complete reasoning and gameplay became better and better, and everything visited the assembly range play. Weighed against the prior Aixiou gameplay, Dapp video games are seen as a small scale, fast start-up, no middlemen (media + exchanges) for violent harvesting, and tokens possess certain fundamental support, namely, mining expenses and The price support of token dividends.
When the secondary selling price is greater than the mining cost, miners possess the incentive to arbitrage on decentralized exchanges through game mining; when the secondary selling price is lower compared to the mining cost, so long as the basics of the overall game itself are good, the team will not run away. If dividends are considerable, there will be buyers who purchase tokens directly from the supplementary market to pledge dividends. All this proceeded to go smoothly in Oct, which was still an added bonus period.

“BetDice” shortly took over from “EOSBet” to the very best spot, smashing through 10 million EOS in one day in Oct. Up to now, the EOS ecosystem, which has only been on-line for less than 4 months for the mainnet, offers produced a total turnover of 220 million EOS.
Through the same period, in another battlefield-TRON, a BC Dapp made an appearance silently, “TRONbet”.
The iterative speed from the Dapp circle in November did not lose to the currency circle. The entire November period inserted a mature time period from the bonus period. Your competition between different Dapps has slowly moved from the blue ocean to the red ocean of battling, and dozens of dice video games have appeared. In accordance with DappReview data:
Number of active Dapps in November: 174
Total number of Dapp users in November: 157,000
Total active Dapp turnover in November: 350 zillion EOS
Total number of active users of Dapp in November: 37,000
—- The next is a dry cargo caution —-
The various encircling business ecosystems encircling EOS Dapps have become mature:

Until now, dozens of wallets support EOS Dapp. Players can experience different Dapps in the budget without barriers. Because of the first mover advantage and differences in operating strategies, several wallets possess temporarily entered the very best echelon. In accordance with comments from some Dapp task events to DappReview, the head budget accounts for more than 80% from the visitors.
In terms of Dapp content material, each wallet provides a full range of support for new online games, especially high-quality products, from community promotion to tech support team, almost free. This is also good current stage of Dapp advancement. High-quality Dapps are scarce and naturally bring user retention. If you don’t keep your master, you have your own place.

The wallet at this stage is just a private key administration tool for users, and the migration cost is quite low. No budget can provide additional services and cultural interactions like Alipay or WeChat can make high barriers, causing huge user migration expenses to retain them. To employ a new wallet, you merely have to “export personal crucial” and “transfer budget”, and all of your information will undoubtedly be migrated in parallel.
Thus, the wallet competitors has just begun. The current first echelon does not have an absolute advantage, and it is easy to become overtaken by sides. After all, the entire number of present users is a couple of hundred thousand. Everyone is still inside a swimming pool. Eating small fish, there is absolutely no living space for the whale.
If a low-cost and low-threshold user entry solution appears, this pool might be connected to the ocean, and everyone can swim to some wider room to compete. Even though you used to be a big white fish in the swimming pool, it is likely to be lost in the ocean. At the bait upstream of the meals chain.

In 2019, we think that Dapp content material continues to be scarce, and the exclusive usage of Dapp content material (especially native apps) will undoubtedly be a great way for wallets to exert power in the Dapp circle.

Just like in the mainstream system game market, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all fighting for special content.

How come Nintendo, whose technological R&D strength, capital scale, and console overall performance lag far behind Sony and Microsoft, is definitely invincible, and even the product sales of multiple game consoles have surpassed their competition? Because on PS and Xbox, it is possible to never have fun with “Pokemon”, “The Story of Zelda”, “Mario” and “Kabi” (I can say at the very least 50 titles), powerful special games The content became Nintendo’s most powerful moat.
Decentralized exchange:
Dapp players could have a deep understanding of this-once they will have experienced the decentralized exchange built into the wallet, they’ll never go back to the centralized exchange. After all, the knowledge of completing a deal in a few seconds is completely not the same as the knowledge of a few minutes of depositing and some minutes of withdrawal.
However, plenty of classical (our irony, classical is a euphemism for backwardness) currency circles haven’t noticed this. Vincent has recently dealt with a lot of classical currency circles, and they are still stuck on “game tokens are not exchanged.” How should it become circulated?” The amount of awareness.
From the perspective of DappReview, centralized and decentralized exchanges solve two troubles.
Centralized exchanges act like brokers in the existing financial system. In the situation of brokers, customers put profit and earn money in shares, dreaming of shopping for low and promoting high, basics, quantitative, K-line, high-frequency, whatever you make use of What technique? Your goal would be to find Alpha in the market (the extra income in the expense that exceeds the market income). The money will not move around in the account from the broker for a while. This is the reasoning and issue of the centralized exchange.

The existence of DEX (decentralized exchange) is more like a scenario that provides exchange services. The reasoning of using DEX would be to exchange mainstream currencies for Dapp tokens to try out video games or pledge the dividends, or cash out game tokens. As the mainstream currency, the requirement for supplementary speculation is leaner. It’s as if you take flight to Thailand with U.S. dollars or renminbi. After moving away from the aircraft and exchange some baht at the forex kiosk at the airport, it is possible to exchange the rest of the baht back again to U.S. dollars or renminbi before returning home. The DEX situation is suitable with this kind of purposeful and ready-to-use demands.
Miners and miners:
Since it enters the maturity stage, smart gamers have obviously seen which the essence of these BC-type Dapps may be the logic from the fund. The more people who play later on, the greater the advantages of the first wave of token holders who enter the overall game to try out and mine. Players who have observed it a long time ago begun to mine wildly, and several professional mining machine service providers furthermore began to show up, providing fast mining solutions to retail investors.
Furthermore, the ecology has also derived various business opportunities and gameplay such as for example CPU leasing and ranking service. I’ll not do it again them here. In the last post of DappReview, we’ve done in-depth analysis and exploration of “80 days 8 billion, The undercurrent surging in the cool winter-the EOS Dapp ecological explosion you do not find out about”.
Let us appear back at another side from the ETH ecosystem. As the cost of the currency drops, the pre-sale gameplay before the ETH Dapp goes online gets colder and cooler. Before August, a pre-sale that appears to be a reliable game can earn a huge selection of dollars. Thousands of ETH. Everyone once thought that may be a regular way for programmers to earn the initial bucket of earnings before the Dapp proceeded to go online. But the good periods did not final longer. Since “GodsUnchained”, there’s never already been an ETH game using a pre-sale amount exceeding 1000 ETH. .

In mid-November, we saw the overall game “Cubego”. There are always a couple of three-dimensional blocks in the overall game. Blocks have different attributes and ranges. Players utilize the blocks to form monsters and combat the monsters collectively. The material utilized to make monsters is named “Cubego”, which is derived from the British cube.
Its business vision is as follows: by giving a “stop editor” for UGC (Consumer Original Content material), gathering concepts, and finally transforming it right into a copyright platform. The game’s advancement team may be the original team of the prior “Etheremon”, the community has accumulated a specific amount, and the pre-heating advertising of “Cubego” has also been accomplished on Twitter.

However, the pre-sale had been opened in November 24, and inside a fortnight there was just a total of 100 ETH earnings. In mid-December, some activities were completed. The final complete pre-sale earnings had been about 300 ETH (the ETH cost at the moment had been 800 ETH). -Between 1,000 yuan). In the end, the project team announced that the overall game advancement was stopped because the pre-sale outcomes did not meet expectations.
In mid-November, when the market was cool, Mythical Games, several game veterans, acquired 16 million People dollars in financing, which caused a significant stir. A couple of days later on, Mythical Games released its very first blockchain game “Blankos Block Party” in Los Angeles.

This massively multiplayer video game (MMO) originated by Mythical Games in cooperation with Third Kind Games. In terms of gameplay, players can make their own character skins and music, explore and construct their own game world, trade and collect game characters. “Blankos Block Party” is likely to be available in Personal computer and Mac variations in 2019. In Vincent’s job interview with Mythical Games co-founder Rudy, he stated:
We think that blockchain video games are not the future, but video games that use blockchain technologies are. If you’d like video games to adopt blockchain technologies on a big scale, it is possible to only provide a high-quality video gaming experience in order that gamers can’t have the existence of blockchain technologies behind the overall game.

This is the most significant area of the scale of blockchain technology, and the blockchain ought to be invisible to players. We never advertise our video games are operating on AWS. For exactly the same reason, why should we advertise that video games are running for the blockchain?
December and Oct is the bonus time period for EOS BC Dapp, November may be the mature time period, and December may be the transitional time period from the heyday to the decline time period. This has recently been observed in the mining data in November.

In accordance with data from DappReview in November,

  1. Many EOS Dapps have no more than 2,000 effective active customers in November. Those Dapps with a total number of more than 10,000 customers are mainly split into two types: one part is the made of wool celebration (some dapps possess free betting along with other activities and so are targeted (Upper batches of made of wool); another part is perfect for single customers.
  2. Miners contribute more than 70-90% from the transaction level of BC video games, while the final number of miners is approximately 1400 addresses. It can be understood these 1,400 addresses take into account most of the 350 million pipeline of EOS Dapp.
  3. Really the only game-EOS Knight, is a clear stream in EOS Dapps. 66% are active users. Both number of customers and the percentage of active customers are the first. The game system does not have the concept of miners, so that it can be reported to be The real head game Dapp on EOS.
    It can be seen that a few big miners are already very familiar with the gameplay of mining. Seeing a fairly dependable game, as the very first batch of “gamers”, I rushed in to the game with dozens as well as hundreds of accounts and opened “nuclear mining” at exactly the same time, brushing out the daily transaction volume and dividend amount After viewing the massive dividends, a lot of retail investors were dazzled by their interests and entered the market. Some began mining, plus some of the supplementary market received pledges and waited for dividends (based on the massive dividends of your day, they could also repay 30- each day. 50%), the recognition of the overall game continues to increase in each team, and the supplementary market prices are constantly being pressed up because the individuals enter. At this time, the big gamers have already started to “arbitrage”, that’s, to take out the tokens mined by low mining costs , Using higher prices to sell to retail investors in the supplementary market, as well as directly hit the market.

Tobet was broken in mid-December. Does it make a comeback in the next year?
After the big gamers leave the market, the transaction volume and dividends fall off the very next day, and the secondary selling price is avalanche. If the overall game itself cannot maintain itself with regards to operation and content, it will basically be abandoned.

To a certain extent, miners be capable of trap several store investors while accelerating the life span cycle of a Dapp. Needless to say, iron strikes still need to be tough. Whether it could withstand the stress from the miners. Once the mining is halved or the miner leaves the field, it depends on the power of Dapp itself. Miners, like gold-playing studios in online flash games, use technical means to get assets in video games at low priced and profit from arbitrage in the supplementary market. Their existence is a double-edged sword that may effectively revitalize the economy in the overall game. Logic and efficiency can also cause a damaging blow to the overall game in the fastest way.
After mid-December, the info of BC game Dapp begun to decline, store investors were cut off, project parties were accelerated their life cycles, mining gameplay was badly played by big miners, and even the initial wave of miners lost their profit some games. BC+ mining offers gradually lost its vitality, and everyone’s eye and attention have begun to carefully turn to the overall game of “de-mining”.

From left to right, the above figure shows the info of EOS Dapp large users in November, Dec, and Jan (1-24). It can be seen which the peak value had been reached in Dec, and the info began to decline significantly in Jan. It is expected that the complete January data Would be the identical to November. (Data source:
From the end of December to mid-January, there have been even more game-like PvP games. The qualities of the overall game between gamers have already been strengthened, and the feature of mining dividends has been relatively weakened. There are EOSJoy’s “Snake” and “Crypto Throne”, however they coincidentally possess bugs in the first stage of these launch. “Snake” has been basically repaired in mid-January and began to operate efficiently, while “Crypto Throne” continues to be stopped Support under maintenance.

In fact, in the complete ecosystem, Dapp developers are under pressure. On the main one hand, they need to increase their horsepower to handle the increasingly fierce inventory competition. On the other hand, they must worry about hackers intruding and shedding thousands of EOS. Furthermore, it may furthermore face the stress of individual investors to guard their rights, which is really not easy.


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