Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Affiliates, the world’s largest hedge finance, has a finance management scale of more than US$150 billion and has created an annualized price of return of more than 20% for the past 20 years. Perhaps one of the most effective investors in the world; and in reaction to the current financial recession in the United States and the world caused by Wuhan pneumonia, he released a report on his individual LinkedIn around the 26th to explain how he as well as the Bridgewater team see the current global economic crisis and its What’s the research method.

This article is in the Linkedin published from the founder from the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Fund, “The Changing World Order”, the author is the legendary American investor Ray Dalio (Ray Dalio), through the analysis of long-term historical evolution, major empires and dynasties The rise and decrease of China, along with the changes in its economic market in the process of its demise, attempting to seek out and understand “what is happening in the world?” and “what may happen following”, why Dalio senses so this period Worried?
The following is an article by Ray Dalio:
I really believe that soon, we will expertise a special time period that will subvert all of us, although similar situations have happened repeatedly in the history of human community.
This is the conclusion I’ve drawn through the research procedure for the past year and a half. During this time period of your time, I’ve explored the increase and decrease of major empires in the history of the world, along with the reserve currencies and financial markets from the empires in the process of these demise, and found some extraordinary things in my life. Market signals which have not really been experienced however, but I know that this has indeed happened numerous times ever sold.
Most importantly, what I found was:
1) The confluence of great financial debt ratios (indebtedness) and low interest rates inside global economies can limit the energy of the main standard bank to stimulate the economic climate;
2) The huge distance between high and poor and political differences in the united kingdom have resulted in an increase inside social and political issues;
3) The rising world power (China and taiwan) in modern times is trying to problem the over-expanded world hegemony (the United States), which extends many global geopolitical and trade conflicts. The newest similar situation occurred during the 2nd World War from 1930 to 1945, which made me worried sick.
When I was observing these historical materials, as well as the recent events were converged, what I found was that it coincided with an average cyclical process: the “transitional routine” around 10-20 years as well as the “economic and political growth of 50-100 many years”. “Cycle”, two kinds of cycles, one long and one short, occur alternately. This type of large financial and political routine is shaped by alternating swings of two components:
1) A period of happiness and success: During this time period, individuals pursue and build a fortune, and the energy class harmoniously runs together and continues to promote this process;
2) Tragic and turbulent time period: the struggle for wealth and power triggers conflicts and challenges, destroys the past harmony and efficiency, or even expands into revolution/war;
These periods of turbulence are like clearing up a surprise, ultimately to eliminate shortcomings and the products of too much indulgence (such as for example excessive debt), and to restore financial fundamentals to a far more steady and rational level; although painful, it is going to Adaptation happens and the whole becomes more powerful. But this usually also reshuffles the world order circumstance and creates new world powers.
In which direction the future should go, we are able to only get answers by studying similar historical cases as well as the systems behind them-such because the period of 1930-45, the increase and fall from the British and Dutch empires, the increase and fall from the Chinese dynasties, etc. Wait, in order to seek out and try to realize “what is happening in the world?” and “what may happen next”, this is actually the reason for this research. Then your new crown computer virus pandemic came. This is a major event that I’ve never encountered but repeated often before I was created. I have to try my best to realize.
My research method may seem unusual for an investment manager who must make investment decisions in a short period of time and energy to study the long-term historical evolution, but predicated on my expertise, I am aware that I have to have a macro viewpoint in this regard. Make better ventures. The biggest mistakes I have made in my profession are that I overlooked those major market adjustments that “haven’t happened in my life, but history has recurring itself many times.” These mistakes trained me that I have to look at history and the global system. Looking at the development procedure for the economic climate and the marketplace, I have discovered the market operation mechanism in it, so that I could comprehend the eternal and universal principles as a result, so that the world can respond to crises in an easier way in the foreseeable future.
The initial “big surprise” the marketplace gave me occurred in 1971. I had been 22 years old that season. It was the summer vacation after i was working being a bookkeeper in the New York STOCK MARKET. On the night of Sunday, August 15, 1971, Leader Nixon announced that the U.S. dollar would depart in the gold standard and would no longer promise that papers money and specific weights of gold could possibly be exchanged for equivalent value. This triggered the dollar to drop sharply. After listening to the president’s speech, I recognized that the US government experienced simply violated its guarantee to individuals, and our knowledge of the concept of “money” ended completely.
I didn’t think so well. I assume when I head to work on Monday, the situation within the trading floor is a mess due to the stock market accident. When I has been walking in to the trading floor, the scene has been indeed chaotic, nonetheless it has been different from what I thought. The currency markets did not drop but increased by 4%. In those days, I had been totally stupid.
I learned later that was because I had formed never experienced the foreign currency devaluation before. Within the next time frame, I studied various historical records and saw a lot of cases of foreign currency devaluation that experienced similar results on the modern currency markets. After further analysis, I realized the reality behind it, which precious lesson assisted me again and again in my following life. Later on, I experienced several painful “huge surprises” before I recognized it completely: I have to understand all of the major economic and marketplace changes which have occurred in prosperous nations all over the world over the past 100 years.
Quite simply, if there were some major events in the past (such as the Great Depression within the 1930s), I’m not sure whether this can happen in my life, so I must try to clarify the ins and outs of the historical events and take steps. Through my analysis, I have found that occasions of similar character (such as for example various financial recessions) are constantly repeating ever sold; just as doctors have researched many clinical situations for target illnesses, I gradually extract the cocoons from these situations and realize them detail by detail. Mode of operation. My research method is to study as many important occasions/cases as possible, and then extract the typical construction of the occasions from them, that i call the “archetype”.
The “prototype” of economic events can help sort out the causal relationship from the growth of the function. Then, I will compare specific situations and prototypes to understand the reasons behind the differences between the two. The procedure assisted me deepen my knowledge of causality, allowing me to use the logic of “if/then” (if / then) to produce decision-making judgments-meaning “if X happens, then bet on Y” . Following the decision is made, I will observe the actual growth and evaluate and analyze with the previous prototype template as well as the related expected value. At Qiaoshui, the above-mentioned analysis process will undoubtedly be completed in a fairly systematic and strenuous manner. If the research develops smoothly, we shall continue to predict what will usually happen next. When the growth of the situation goes off monitor, we will try to understand the reason and gradually right it.
My research method is not the academic analysis you imagine, it is a extremely practical research magic size, which can solidly consolidate the foundation of decision-making in my work. As a worldwide macro buyer, my job demands me to know the operating concepts and variables from the economic climate and market much better than competition. For quite some time, I’ve fought and used the marketplace and tried to conclude a set of investment principles. I found that:
1) The investor’s capability to predict and respond to the future depends upon the amount of knowledge of the causal romantic relationship behind the function;
2) To become good with analyzing causality, you need to study the adjustments and developments of past situations;
The practicality and effectiveness of the above research methods could be measured from Qiaoshui’s performance figures.
My research concepts influence my perspective about all things. In the process of discovering these general concepts, I gradually discovered that most things, such as financial prosperity, depression, war, revolution, bull marketplace, bear marketplace, etc., will observe It happened frequently over time. The reasons for their appearance are basically the same, and they are repeated in the form of cycles. Even though we die, such cycles will continue steadily to move forward. This makes me think about most economic occasions as “reproductions” of prior events, just like when biologists find a specific organism in the wild, they will first try to determine which species it belongs to, and think about this kind of species. What type of usual habits there will be, and follow-up use professional corresponding concepts.
In this manner of observation really helps to pull me out of the noise of the function itself, and enables me to spotlight observing the laws and laws in it. In this manner, the more I learn about each related event, the more I can discover the conversation between them. For instance, the collateral effects of financial cycles and politics cycles, and exactly how they impact one another in a longer period dimension. I also understand that after i focus on the facts, I cannot see the general situation; after i focus on the overall circumstance, I cannot see the details. However, in order to realize these financial change patterns and their causal associations, I have to go through the general situation at a higher level, and at the same time, I must zoom directly into observe more fundamental details, and comprehensively analyze the partnership between the primary market forces. In my opinion, it seems that most things create and progress upwards with the cycle, like an upward corkscrew:

For instance, as period evolves, people’s dwelling standards will improve because our knowledge of the world continues to boost, thereby increasing work efficiency; but our economic climate is ups and downs because our financial debt cycle makes actual economic activities in the long run Fluctuates up and down in the upwards trend.
I really believe that the reason why human beings continually skip important “evolution possibilities” is that all of us experience of life is only a short period of amount of time in the macro economic climate. This is a little bit like ants are always busy holding breadcrumbs within their short lives, instead of having a macro knowledge of financial operations and cycles, occasion causality, where we have been in the routine, and what we shall face in the foreseeable future.
Out of this perspective, I think that there are just a limited amount of personality types that will follow a restricted path, causing them to come across a restricted amount of situations, and ultimately a restricted number of occasions, and these occasions will continue as time passes repeat.
In the process of this cycle, the only thing that changes is the clothing these people wear as well as the technology they use.
Research subject and motivation This analysis is continuously derived from the interlocking analysis results. Particularly:
Studying the currency and credit cycles of key economies ever sold has made me alert to the so-called “long-term debt cycle” (usually enduring 50-100 years). This brought me to investigate and understand the existing situation from the macro-historical perspective. For instance, before interest rates strike 0%, the Federal Reserve issued a large number of banknotes and purchased financial assets to deal with the global financial meltdown in 2008, I researched the market pattern within the 1930s and assisted Qiaoshui survive the crisis. . From that study, I also saw the way the actions of the central banks pushed up the prices of financial assets and stimulated financial performance, while the side effects also widened the distance between the wealthy and the indegent in society, resulting in subsequent populism and different conflicts. The time has come. Now, we have been seeing the introduction of similar causes that came into play in past due 2009 on the market.
In 2014, I wish to start predicting the financial growth price of quite a few countries because it relates to our investment strategy. I utilized the same analysis methods to analyze a lot of historical cases, looking forward to identifying the driving force behind financial growth, and proposing some general indicators to further predict the financial growth rates of the countries in 10 years. In the research process, I’ve a deeper knowledge of the reasons behind the differences in economic functionality of different nations. I integrated these additional general indicators into scales and formulas to estimate the economic growth from the world’s 20 largest economies for 10 years. In addition to helping Bridgewater to make investment decisions, I also believe this analysis can help governments all over the world make relevant economic decisions; by knowing these general concepts of causality, decision makers can judge in advance that when X is changed, it will Produce Y effect in the foreseeable future.
I have also seen that compared with emerging developing nations such as China and taiwan and India, the United Areas’ top economic indicators (such as the quality of schooling and debt ranges) in the past decade are rapidly deteriorating.
The report is titled: “Productivity and Structural Reform: Why Countries Succeed and Fail, and What OUGHT TO BE Done So Failing Countries Succeed.”
In 2016, shortly after Trump was elected Leader of the United States, because the consciousness of populism in developed countries is rising, I set out to study the history of populism. For me personally, this highlights the way the spaces and differences in wealth and ideals ??led towards the profound public and political issues within the 1930s, which are somewhat similar to the current situation. In addition, I also discovered why the populists who advocate reform (remaining) as well as the populists who advocate conservative (right) are more willing to nationalism, militarism, trade protectionism and confrontational issues, as well as the above-mentioned procedures The terrible effects. I saw how intense the sparks of turmoil between reformers and conservatives at the financial and political ranges will become, as well as the solid negative impact of such issues around the economic climate, market, wealth, and power. This gave me an improved understanding of the past and current events.
By performing these studies and observing some events around, I found that Americans are experiencing huge economic spaces; and these cruel spaces tend to be obscured from the “financial common” of the country all together. Therefore, I divided the financial level distribution into five similar parts, by considering the 20% of the best income groups, all the way to the lowest 20%, and separately studying the financial status of the five groups. Finally led to the following two studies:

  • The first study is “Our Biggest Economic, Public, and Political Issue: The Two Economies-The Best 40% and the Bottom 60%”. This statement quantitatively analyzed the economic conditions of the indegent and the abundant with the United States. There’s a huge gap between the “have got” as well as the “no” situations. It once more made me profoundly understand that the United States is on the path to polarization and populism.
  • These findings, combined with the phenomena that my wife and I have seen in philanthropy, as well as the cruel reality from the space between the wealthy and the indegent within the Connecticut community and its own schools, as well as the space in educational opportunities, brought me to generate the “Why and exactly how Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed” this record.
  • At the same time, through my a long time of international investment and analysis, I have noticed tremendous changes inside the global economic climate and geopolitics, especially China. During the past 35 many years, I have traveled to China often for field vacations, and I has been fortunate to be able to meet up and talk to some high-level Chinese language policymakers. This assisted me gain a detailed knowledge of the strength and historical perspective behind China’s amazing growth. These outstanding capabilities and eyesight have made China and taiwan an effective rival of the United States in production, trade, technology, geopolitics, and world capital markets. By the way, you can read the analysis chapters mentioned above for free on this website.
    The reason why I wrote it being an article is basically because I have to study important current events, and these events haven’t happened in my life, however they have repeated themselves often ever sold. These important occasions were caused by the changes from the three major forces and the issues they caused.
    1) Long-term foreign currency and financial debt cycles Within the lifetime of our generation, interest rates have not been only today, and also negative interest rates have appeared. At the beginning of 2020, more than 10 trillion US dollars of debt is at an adverse interest rate, and a large amount of brand-new debt will quickly need to be released to make up for the financial deficit. At the same time, huge pension advantages and medical insurance are going to expire and wait around to be paid. Under such severe circumstances, I’ve some very important questions:
    Naturally, I wish to know why someone would want to hold a bond with a poor interest rate (buy $100 and pay $98 at maturity), and where is the lesser limit of interest rates regarding negative interest rates? I also want to know what will occur when the economic climate and the marketplace can no longer be pushed down? Once the next economic depression is unavoidable, how will the main banks have fun with their part in stimulating the economic climate? Does the main bank continue steadily to print money, causing its foreign currency to depreciate? What happens when the negotiation currency used for financial debt depreciates at such low interest rates? These questions make me ask myself more, if investors flee from bonds resolved within the world’s common reserve currencies (ie, the united states dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen), what steps will the main bank take to respond? This is a issue that central banking institutions must be ready to deal with, due to the fact the currency utilized to repay the bonds has depreciated as well as the interest rate from the bonds continues to be at a poor interest rate.
    In addition, add some background knowledge: reserve currency (reserve currency) is the world’s recognized currency for transactions and financial savings. The country that may print the world’s major currencies (now the United States) enjoys a privileged placement and is in a solid position, while financial debt denominated within the world’s reserve foreign currency (that’s, financial debt denominated in US dollars) would be to achieve the harmonious operation of the global capital market as well as the steady development of the world economy The standard component. In the past history, once the status of all “major reserve currencies” ended, the country that issued the goods usually suffered severe trauma. Therefore, I also begun to question and think about whether, when and just why the US dollar will decrease and end because the world’s leading reserve foreign currency, and exactly how this will switch the current economic situation and world order.
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    2) Domestic wealth and power cycles. Nowadays, the wealth distance, differences in ideals, and differences in political views in American community are more severe than at any time in my life. By studying the 1930s and other times when public polarization was especially severe, I learned that no matter which party wins (whether it is left or perfect), it has a huge impact on the economic climate and the marketplace.
    Therefore, I naturally want to know what the results of these differences and gaps will undoubtedly be in our period. I have accomplished historical analysis and told me: In theory, when the distance between wealth and ideals ??is huge as well as the economy is within recession, conflicts about the distribution of economic sources will increase considerably.
    When the up coming recession arrives, how will individuals and policymakers interact? This worries me specifically as the aforementioned main bank’s capability to induce the economic climate by cutting interest rates has also been greatly curtailed. In addition to these traditional equipment (cutting interest rates) which have become ineffective, printing money and purchasing financial assets (now known as “quantitative easing QE”) also have widened the distance between the wealthy and the indegent, because the purchase of financial assets will press up the prices of these assets , And it is the wealthy as opposed to the poor that are often in a position to purchase financial assets.
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    3) The International Cycle of Wealth and Energy For the first time in my life, I saw the United States meet the well-matched opponent. China and taiwan is already even more competitive than the United States in many aspects, and its own economic growth price is even more quickly than that of the United States. If this pattern continues, China can be the dominant power in many important aspects, even stronger than the United States. (Or at the very least can be a competitive opponent.)
    I have been closely following a dynamics of the two countries for most of my entire life. Now I’ve seen an instant increase in issues, especially in the regions of trade, technology, geopolitics, capital, and financial/politics/public formations. I can’t help but question how these issues as well as the causing changes in the world order will continue steadily to evolve within the next few years, and exactly how they will impact us all.
    The interaction of the three forces aroused my curiosity. Therefore, in my analysis, I begun to focus on whether these three causes also appeared at the same time in history, such as for example 1930-45 and earlier similar periods, such as for example:
    Both 1929-32 and 2008-09 eras encountered severe debt and economic crises. Both in periods, interest rates attained 0%, which restricted the ability from the main bank to use interest rate cuts to stimulate the economic climate. Therefore, both main banks printed a large amount of currency to purchase financial assets. Both periods resulted in the increase of asset costs, the gap between the rich and the indegent was incredibly widened, and lastly a financial meltdown occurred.
    In these two periods, the huge wealth and income gap resulted in a high amount of politics power division, appearing in the form of larger-scale populism; and, radical populists who advocate reforms (remaining) brought by socialists, and Challenging between conservative (right) radical populists brought by capitalists. When emerging powers (such as for example Germany and Japan within the 1930s) significantly challenge existing world powers, these inner conflicts will continue steadily to brew and may break out at any time.
    Finally, since it is currently, the fusion of the three forces implies that without understanding the overlapping effects of any of them, it really is impossible to seriously understand any of them.
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    When I studied these elements, I knew the short-term debt routine was gradually entering an advanced stage, and it had not been long since the economic depression. Although I know that infectious illnesses and other organic disasters (such as for example droughts and floods) ever sold are sometimes important factors in causing these major adjustments in the design, I never thought that the driving force of this turbulence will be the current global epidemic. –New Coronary Pneumonia (COVID -19).
    In order to gain a far more thorough knowledge of these three forces and what the confluence from the three might mean, I reviewed the rise and fall of all effective empires and their monetary systems over the past 500 years. Among them, the most carefully watched will be the three largest types: the United States and the existing strong currency, the united states dollar, the English Empire as well as the English pound, which were the most important before, as well as the Dutch Empire as well as the Dutch Guild, which are more ancient.
    I also paid more attention to the six very important but less powerful empires at the time: Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Tiongkok, and India. Among these six nations, I spent the most time in Tiongkok and examined its history 600 years ago because:
    China and taiwan once held a very important position in history, and its current position continues to be important, and it may become a lot more important in the foreseeable future; there are many situations of the increase and drop of dynasties in Tiongkok to help me better understand the design of change and The driving drive behind it; after observing these situations, other elements that changed the pattern emerged, the most important of which had been “technical creativity” and “organic disasters”, which played a key part in the increase and fall of the empires.
    By examining the situations of different intervals and various empires, I found that the routine of maintaining a solid empire usually is maintained about 150-250 many years. Between these two big cycles, the huge economic, financial debt and political routine lasts about 50-100 many years. By studying the respective effects of these increases and falls, we are able to abstract an average ¨prototype〃, and use this being a basis to review the different settings of actions of individual situations and the reasons for their adjustments. This model has inspired me a lot, and my problem now is to find a way that’s possible for everyone to understand, and try my best to express the major results of my analysis with the team.
    What I have no idea is more than I know. When observing these issues, I feel like an ant attempting to understand the universe.
    I nevertheless have many queries which have not been answered, and I know that I’m studying in depth some professional fields that others have devoted their life to. Therefore, I actively and humbly discovered the knowledge of some outstanding scholars and professionals, each of whom includes a strong understanding and sights on an important construction to resolve the puzzle, although no one has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge. Go and solution each of my queries completely. In order to understand all of the causal associations behind these regular phenomena, I combined the following three constructions:

Historians (specializing in differing of good sized and complex history) decision makers (both working experience and historical macro eyesight) statistics (refined by our excellent analysis team through the analysis of ancient and contemporary records) Although I I learned plenty of practical knowledge, but I am aware that what I know so far is only a small section of what I wish to know (it requires to be adequate to become confident about the potential clients). Nevertheless, I also know from experience that when I must wait before day when I’m satisfied with the quantity of self-knowledge, I will never have each day to use or convey the knowledge I have discovered.
Therefore, readers should comprehend that this post is really a top-down study from the global perspective, providing readers with my previous research outcomes and predictions that nevertheless have got huge variables.
You need to treat my conclusion being a “theory” rather than a fact.
But please also remember that despite the several design of comparative evaluation with the amount of cases, prototypes, information, expert views, etc., I’ve still made a lot of wrong decisions in the past. For this reason I pay so much attention to asset diversification in investment. the reason. Therefore, each time I offer you my views, as I said with this research, I’m doing my best to share my thoughts and research outcomes along with you publicly.
You can measure the value and right or wrong, and additional use this knowledge to work with you in what you would like to accomplish next.
The study structure is the same as my past research sharing. I will express my analysis results in two ways. One is really a condensed overview description, another is a more descriptive and comprehensive description. To this end, I will disassemble the guide into two components:
The initial part summarizes all of the knowledge I’ve learned in the event study from the rise and fall from the empire within a simplified archetype way. To ensure that everyone understands the core concepts, I will write in vernacular, concentrating on clarity instead of precision. Nevertheless, my wording will undoubtedly be roughly accurate, however, not 100%.
First of all, I will translate my results in to the “total power index” of different empires to help readers understand more easily how different power bodies increase and drop; this total index comprises eight various kinds of power indicators. Then, I explained these various kinds of power types to enable you to understand their working mechanism. Finally, I talked about what I think these studies of empire history mean for future years.
The second part introduces individual cases in more depth, utilizing the same index as above to quantify the energy changes of all previous and current powerful empires in the past 500 years. Interacting information in this manner will let you have a general knowledge of the concepts when reading the initial part, and choose whether to look deep in to the second part and find out these interesting situations in full. Moreover, you can also take the second area of the information and situation analysis, return back and evaluate the first area of the prototype instance. My personal recommendation is to look at both components, because the situation studies of the world forces in the second part are their magnificent evolutionary stories over the past 500 many years, which are quite fascinating.
This story presents the outline from the evolution of the world order through the following events:
The rise and fall from the Dutch Empire, followed by the rise and decrease of the British Empire, followed by the rapid growth and early decrease of the United States, and lastly the end from the rise in Tiongkok??. The guide also compares these three major world powers with the traditional German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese language, and Indian Xingxing.
As you will notice in each evaluation, although the Empire cases are not a similar, they roughly follow a periodic legislation. In addition, I really hope you will be like me, seated on the time machine, discovering precious tales about the increase and drop of ancient Chinese language dynasties from 600 Advertisement to the present, and become fascinated with it.
By studying the history of dynasties, I learned that the increase and drop of Chinese language dynasties and other places in the world have a lot of similarities (and almost so), and in addition helped me discover the differences (this is why China differs from the West) ). This allowed a strong knowledge of the sights of those Chinese language policymakers, who meticulously studied the history of the dynasties and summed up their expertise and lessons.
Frankly speaking, if I don’t study the past history, I really don’t know how exactly to understand what is going on now and everything in the foreseeable future. However, before presenting these individual situations, let us first dive in to the “prototype” situations we mentioned above.
(to become continued)
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