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Chen Weixing: Blockchain gives birth to global currency changes

On November 29, 2019, Pancheng Holdings Chairman Chen Weixing was invited by Zhejiang University to talk about the current trends in blockchain...

Interpretation from the Ethereum DeFi value chain: who is able to capture the worthiness?

Ethereum is a electronic energy commodity that provides power and safety for dealings and code execution, just like drinking water powers a...
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Cao Yin: The Third Financial Trend DeFi

DeFi is a concept that emerged in overseas blockchain areas. It aims to boost or even reconstruct the original financial system within...
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From JP.Morgan, Facebook stablecoin to DeFi

Core tips Needlessly to say by the marketplace, 2019 will be destined to be the 12 months when...
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TokenInsight June Digital Resource “Secondary Quantitative Market” Research Report

After 11 years of development, the digital asset industry has slowly entered the general public eye from the niche market. As of...