Quote: Glowing blue Ghost Ship
In the dim establishing sun, there is a faint blue on the ocean…
This can be a ghost ship mixed with darkness and hope. Though it is unmanned, it really is full of people. The title of the dispatch is definitely “Blockchain”. Its people and sailors result from all over the world, each making use of their very own will, and everyone sails in various directions, however they choose the exact same ship to cross the other shoreline.
Out of this shore to another shore
There are a thousand “blockchain” ships within the eyes of a thousand passengers
For cryptographers
It is a “pirate dispatch” resulting in the darkest land
For Satoshi Nakamoto
This is the “canoe” to the ideal holy place
For geeks
It is a “Assault Motorboat” that shuttles within the ocean of 0 and 1
For science fiction lovers
This is the “blue space” to save lots of mankind
For liberals
It is the “Mayflower” to rebuild the planet
For humanistic philosophers
This is the “Ship of Theseus” to torture the soul
For economics
It is the “Titanic” that overturns the original financial system
When all these icons are added upward, the blockchain may be the “Noah’s Ark” within the eyes of these individuals. Because these people and sailors know that it will require them to the new era of excellent navigation.
From your sketches used 2008 to the official sailing in ’09 2009, this ghost ship continues to be traveling all the way, encountering technological undercurrents, passing through the sinister algorithms, crossing the dangerous reefs of hackers, witnessing the good and evil of human nature, and passing through the noise of the crowd. The harbor tripped quietly, stirring up turbulent waves in the real world in just a decade.
Where would it result from, and where does it head?
The “Dutchman” blockchain within the encrypted world has never come to subvert the web, it’s the “Dutchman” driving in the web.
The legend of the ocean is not more famous compared to the “Dutchman”. It’s been found in paintings, scary stories, movies, and also operas many times.
Some individuals say that it was a dice thrown with the devil, and it was cursed to sail on the ocean until Judgment Day.
The emergence of the web is a great miracle of human being civilization, marking the advent of the era of “from mind to all or any brains”, humans have begun a real time travel, and we are able to finally save our souls.
While the public is caring about any of it, an organization is considering the near future calmly.

They are the human cypherpunk corporation, this corporation gathers the most sensitive mind.
These people are born with machines, no one understands the future of code better than them.
It can still be said that the thinking characteristics of these folks are like machines.
The Internet began to available to the outside world in 1988.
In March 1991, the initial friendly interface for connecting to the web
Developed by the University of Minnesota.
In June 1991, Internet commercial users surpassed educational users for the very first time.

Since then, the web, that was intervened by commercial capital, became uncontrollable, as well as the wave of globalization rapidly swept every part of mankind.
A lot of people rejoiced at the changes accessible. Only cypherpunks continued to be silent. From the background, they saw private realm getting eroded by open public power, and saw the business giants hidden at the rear of the web incorporate private information into their very own.
Human nature is definitely unreliable. There are too many loopholes within the cultural contract concept. A “Dutchman” should be built in the muddy ocean of ??the Internet. From 1762 to nowadays, it’s time to start building the mathematical contract theory.
In 1992, with Timothy Might as the initiator, California physicists and mathematicians secretly gathered. Away from vigilance against the FBI (Government Bureau of Analysis) as well as the NSA (Country wide Security Agency), this band of technology liberals secretly create a “cryptopunk” team to defend the personal privacy of digital people. Issues are the pursuit of an anonymous Impartial digital currency program.
The early members involved Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, Bram Cohen, the author of BT download, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, Nick Sabo, the creator of the smart contract concept, and Sean, among the founders of Facebook. Parker. Needless to say, addititionally there is Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.
They are the masked men in “V for Vendetta”, attempting to create the “new encryption of religion” in the 21st century.

They are also cyberpunks within the digital world, attempting to set up a “Zone Holy Land” outside the Internet.
After repeated tests by pioneers within the crypto circle, the concept of the “Dutchman” has surfaced. They swear in the title of mathematics: based on the ECC elliptic curve, decentralization as the spiritual core, as well as the SHA256 algorithm as the last bastion, trying Fight against the business giants and state monopolies within the chaotic Internet!
It is time to build a new dispatch. When will this dispatch be constructed? When does it leave?
Who is its captain? Why did the times choose Satoshi Nakamoto? How does he accomplish such a special mission?
So far, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is.
Some individuals say he is a future human being from 2140, preparing for the ultimate battle between individuals and AI.
Some individuals say he is really a mix of cryptopunk tycoons Jom, Dai Wei, Finney, Ritter and Sabo, and Satoshi Nakamoto is a collective abstraction.
It today seems he is more like Neo from “The Matrix”, an awakened BUG!
On November 1, 2008, an unremarkable post appeared in the wonderful world of cryptopunk: “I am developing a new electronic money program in a totally peer-to-peer format, minus the intervention of a trusted alternative party.”
The complete drawings of the “Dutchman” within the thoughts of cryptopunks arrived. A man named Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) conceived an electronic currency that could not be manipulated by any political or economic forces-Bitcoin . In this respect, Dai Wei, Finney, Ritter, Saab and other bigwigs are usually dubious: It could really be like this. Is this the new economic entire world that cryptopunks dream of building?
Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t care about the responses of others. It really is impossible to depend on others, so he has to create the planet himself.
On Jan 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto was busy through the afternoon until dusk, creating, compiling, and packaging the first open up source code on a small server in Helsinki. Although this code is very crude but still ridiculed by several programmers, it still runs SHA256 operation, RIPEMD-160 operation, create version type, Bottom58 code.
At 18:15 on Jan 3, 2009, the initial block within the Bitcoin world was created. From then on, this day was called “Development Day time” by Bitcoin believers, and this block was called “Creation Stop”, and Satoshi Nakamoto became the “Inventor”.
This day finally marks the birth of Bitcoin!
Recalling the “Genesis Day” of Bitcoin, and at exactly the same time explore the partnership between blockchain technology and Bitcoin.
?Blockchain was created for Bitcoin. Before Bitcoin was invented, there is no blockchain in the world.
?Blockchain may be the initial core technologies of Bitcoin, and Bitcoin may be the earliest software of blockchain technologies.
?Bitcoin’s blockchain technologies is not add up to blockchain technologies. After Bitcoin, individuals make reference to the blockchain in Bitcoin and use similar systems to implement various applications. This sort of technologies is ultimately called blockchain technologies.
Since Jan 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto alone is driving a canoe called “Bitcoin”, starting from the harbour of cryptopunk, sailing through the extreme cold of Northern Europe and heading for his holy property.

No one knows what lengths this small ship predicated on “blockchain” technologies can traveling, from captain to sailor to people only Satoshi Nakamoto. The ship grows using the wind, the stronger the wind and waves, the quicker it develops. In response to the “headless sail” he hung up, how many individuals began to panel the ship one after another, starting a new-generation wandering trip together ?
The “yellow submarine” of tech geeks was the first to board Satoshi Nakamoto’s boats. Technology geeks and sci-fi organizations, from 2009 to 2011, this was their world.
Let’s talk about tech geeks initial: These people are extremely sensitive to new systems. Before the public has not recognized the value of cryptocurrency, they are shocked by the stunning design of Captain Nakamoto.
These people are naturally enthusiastic about the Beatles music “Yellow Submarine”:
In the city where I was created, there lived a vintage captain
He often shows us concerning the last of his lifestyle for the reason that submarine kingdom
We established sail day by day until we found a natural sea

They are eager to transform the captain’s “canoe” into their own “submarine”, and then go together to find the green sea in their hearts:
In 2010 2010, the “initial mate” Gavin Andresen for the ghost ship began to submit code to optimize the Bitcoin system. After Satoshi Nakamoto vanished, Gavin took over the responsibility of the captain directly as the main scientist.
On November 16, 2010, cryptocurrency huge man Hal Finney spent 10 bitcoins donated by Satoshi Nakamoto, completing a continuing transfer in the annals of cryptocurrency.
In 2011, beneath the guidance of his father Dmitry Buterin, the 17-year-old Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin began to get in touch with Bitcoin, who was simply just 24 months old.
After 2011, BM, the founder of EOS, reflected for the flaws of the Bitcoin mechanism using the team, while considering whether there is a better algorithm mechanism.
Chinese folks are not slow to get in touch with Bitcoin, and geeks can quickly perceive the energy of blockchain.
Take the most mysterious figure “Roasted Pet cat” in the annals of Bitcoin in Tiongkok for example:
In 2011, roast cat came into contact with Bitcoin, and successfully conducted a general public offering for the GLBSE swap in 2012. He’s among the earliest technical geniuses in Tiongkok to produce Asic mining machines. In 2013, he was worth a lot more than 100 million yuan, and he kept 20% of the computing power of the entire network. Following the glory, he suddenly lost contact in 2014 and vanished.
The final time he appeared in public areas was on August 2, 2014. Roast Kitty Company kept an offline beauty salon of “Million T Computing Power Era”. Participants included Xingkong, founder of Binhang, and Yang Linke, founder of Bitcoin Tiongkok.
The scene is vivid that day. When the host asked the roast kitty ahead on stage, a thin young man with an individual eyelid, wearing a set of household slippers, walked on stage blankly, without also presenting himself, he began to talk about plenty of data…
Along with roasting felines, around 2009-2011, targeted Chinese geeks also boarded this “yellow submarine”:

Wu Jihan, Changsha and Lao Duan founded Babbitt;
Mo Buyi founded the Bitcoin routing website BTC123;
Ziyanjoe talks about Bitcoin and popularizes open up source hardware about Weibo;
Zhang Nangeng of Jianan Zhizhi dropped from school and went to the sea to review mining machines;
The starry sky, referred to as “President” by Jianghu people, started his blockchain entrepreneurship;
Colorful angelfish began to build its mining pool;
Yang Linke founded the Bitcoin Tiongkok trading platform;
P2pbucks was founded everywhere;
Shen Bo is silently paying attention to talents within the blockchain world;

The “glowing blue space” of science fiction enthusiasts and technology geeks are enthusiastic about blockchain at exactly the same time are science fiction enthusiasts.
Addititionally there is overlap between your two, and many science fiction authors may also be well-known geeks.
This can be a group that is sensitive, delicate, profound and transparent, interested in technology, and has a strong fascination with new things.
In 2011, being a sci-fi writer, Changyu founded Babbitt with Wu Jihan and Lao Duan. Since that time, the Chinese blockchain world has its own position. Since 2011, Babbitt is among the most number one within the blockchain entire world. One media.
Before entering the currency circle, Chang Chai was a well-known emerging writer within the science fiction circle.
Wu Jihan, another founder of Babbitt, can be a science fiction enthusiast as well as the founder of the famous “Bitland”. When it comes to the task of “Three-Body”, his eyes can sparkle and he’s completely immersed within the electronic world. The economic warrior, his nearly all intimate friends also suspect he has no legal currency whatsoever.
Zhan Ketuan, a partner of “Ant Mining Device” who fought hand and hand with Wu Jihan, named the artificial intelligence chip launched by Bitmain as SOPHON, that was inspired with the English translation of “Sophon” in “Three Body”. He made a public conversation within the blockchain entire world for the very first time, just because he wished to perform on stage with science fiction article writer Liu Cixin.
Roast cats love to use tops printed with “Don’t Panic” throughout the year, which is the vintage original phrase “Don’t panic” within the Hitchhiker’s Guidebook to the Galaxy.
An early buyer in Roasted Cat, the founder of Xuanlian “Crazy Xiaoqiang” also serialized his own science fiction novels at the starting point.

Addititionally there is the “Singer Capital” founded by Fcoin founder Zhang Jian, that is produced from the singer’s civilization in “Three Body”.
Yuan Dao, the proponent of the token concept, also portrayed great fascination with the blockchain science fiction community like 2140.

When the earlier Bitcoin players collected together, they talked about science fiction.
In June 2018, Babbitt held a cross-border roundtable forum “Technology Fiction within the Blockchain” in Wuzhen. The looks of Liu Cixin ignited the entire venue. More than 500 individuals on the picture were almost packed. A big gold coin circle around him I have already been complaining: I can’t squeeze in easily want to give Liu Cixin something special. What kind of world is definitely this?
In the blockchain world, although Liu Cixin is not seen, there’s been a legend of Liu Cixin.
Liu Cixinqian claimed he didn’t understand the blockchain, but his declaration proved he was going deep into it: “There is no such thing being a blockchain inside science fiction. The blockchain has a science fiction color. We have been moving from the real world to the virtual Globe immigrants, blockchain has established a credit program within the virtual world, that is unprecedented.”
Along with Liu Cixin, more science fiction writers may also be paying attention to blockchain:

Chen Maofan, who appeared in Wuzhen at exactly the same time mainly because Liu Cixin, plans to issue copyright chains within the blockchain field.
Chinese science fiction writer Liu Yukun wrote this article “Byzantine Empathy”, that is closely linked to blockchain algorithms.
Hao Jingfang mentioned in “Tropical isle of Man” that Zeus is really a distributed existence and is particularly moving nearer to the blockchain.
In the eyes of science fiction enthusiasts, blockchain carries its value expression and future dreams. It really is both technological and philosophical, scientific and ideal, and realistic and beyond truth. It is just like the “glowing blue space” within the “Three Body” book. “, carrying the bigger dreams of humans within the galaxy.
Libertarian’s “Mayflower” In July 2011, “Southern Weekend” published an article “Bitcoin, the most dangerous currency in history”. This is the first time that liberals possess spoken out within the blockchain world.
But only those who truly understand the principles of blockchain technologies and have true “independence” will respect the “blockchain” as the “Mayflower” to the property of independence. Since 2012, liberals possess successively boarded the ghost dispatch of the blockchain.
In 2013, NEO founder Da Hongfei said within an interview with Nandu.com: Bitcoin fans are liberals, or crazy geeks. Customers without a computer background are unlikely to come in contact with Bitcoin, and there is absolutely no liberalism. Technologists who have a tendency to touch won’t think deeply concerning the wave that Bitcoin will bring.
Many liberals using a background inside economics haven’t any technical background and also have difficulty understanding the value associated with Bitcoin. They stood on the contrary side of the blockchain from the beginning.

Probably the most famous opposition is Lang Xianping. His most well-known saying is definitely: “You give me Bitcoin, I don’t want it.”
Caixin, who is definitely regarded as liberal, has published several content articles attacking Bitcoin.

As for blockchain, it really is obvious that free of charge thinkers with innovative ideas and technical background tend to be more acceptable:
Zhu Jiaming, referred to as the 4 Gentlemen of China’s Reform, was the initial economist willing to use the blockchain;
Huang Yiping, deputy dean of the Country wide Development Research Institute of Peking University, is definitely concerned about the introduction of blockchain;
Li Zhen, a follower of Austrian economics and an early stablecoin Mastercoin Tiongkok administrator;
Hong Shuning, published the initial Bitcoin educational paper in the system “Bitcoin: Difficulties of a New Currency to the Financial System”;
Feng Han, the co-founder of Elastos, talked about the blockchain and the concept of prosperity, and his liberal ideals and beliefs were surging;
Liu Changyong, PhD inside Economics from Peking University, the senior popular science scholar in the field of blockchain, along with a specialist of liberalism;
Lao Mao, spent some time working being a cryptocurrency e-commerce platform “Pineapple Bazaar”, a partner of Coin Capital, along with a libertarian philosophy;
Super Jun, the co-founder of Bixin, an early evangelist of Bitcoin, and a company believer in liberalism;
Huang Shiliang, initial worked within the roast kitty company, and later promoted blockchain on various systems, a free of charge evangelist;
Hu Yilin, Ph.D., Section of Idea, Peking University, involved in the intersection of scientific thought and beliefs of technology;
Ye Hanxin, the founder of Tiongkok Hash Power, is really a liberal who emerged through the miner team;
Xiong Er, follower of Austrian economics and co-founder of previous Bibi Technology;
“Bitcoin, the King of Money” preached about Weibo inside 2013;
Write plenty of excellent content “Do not sell pretty VV sauce”;

Before 2013, liberals were the biggest band of the “ghost ship” of the blockchain.
The “Beagle” within the eyes of pioneer entrepreneurs 2013 was a turning point for Bitcoin, and entrepreneurs began to use the blockchain world.
The blockchain started its commercialization journey for the very first time, and entrepreneurs regarded this ship as the “Beagle”.
Most of the people who make up this arena are usually unknown people, and they’re not part of the mainstream of society.
In their eyes, the Internet world does not have any chance, as well as the gray world that most people don’t realize may be the opportunity within the eyes of careerists.
These people are not reconciled to flash within the BAT map. In their eyes, the undecided and unstable currency world is exactly the time when the wind started by the end of Qingping.
These careerists are dispersed from coast to coast, and there is absolutely no way to count all of them. Let’s analyze it using the north, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou being a foundation:

  • Beijing has Xingkong (Bixin), Li Lin (Huobi), Xu Mingxing (OKCoin), Erbao and Yangyang, Zhao Dong, Wen Hao, Zhang Nangeng, Zhang Shousong, etc.
  • Shanghai includes Chu Xia Hu, Prince Gong Gong, Da Hongfei, Xu Yiji, Cancer, Bit Gulu (Lu Bin), Wang Xing, Zhao Changpeng, He Yi, etc.
  • The Shenzhen circle is the nearly all messy, Jiang Xinyu (Roast Kitty Corporation), Luo Jinhai (Binxu), Shentu Qingchun (Dark Web), Liu Aihua (Binkan), Yao Yuan (Binhui), Huang Tianwei (Bit Instances), Hua Songxiu (2014) Entered Shenzhen in 2010 2010), Zhai Wenjie (Dragon Mine), Liao Xiang (Lightning Mining Device), Yang Jianjun (Bitcoin International), Wang Jin (Bit Gang), etc.
  • Hangzhou is where Babbitt, represented by Changwei, Langyu, and Qu Zhaoxiang, planted the seed products of entrepreneurship.
    In these four cities, Beijing’s entrepreneurship has combined capital energy from the very beginning. Huobi and OKCoin possess surpassed Bitcoin Tiongkok and become the center of Bitcoin investing. Together with Bitmain, Bixin and Bitpie, Beijing It has the right to speak within the entrepreneurship of the blockchain.
    The Shanghai Entrepreneurship Gang is proficient in using its very own capital operation capabilities. Earlier Xiahu, Prince Gongzou Gong, Da Hongfei, Xu Yiji, etc. possess solid organizational mobilization and persuasion features. Although there are not many particular tasks in 2013, possibilities comes into play 2017 It had been vividly proven by Shi. In 2013, Changpeng Zhao was still operating at BlockChain, but He Yi has not yet attended OKCoin.
    The people of Shenzhen like to work hard, honestly pay out of their own pockets to accomplish physical projects, and also have been involved with various fields. It is the city with the most comprehensive exploration of earlier blockchain programs. But after 2017, Shenzhen’s useful enterprises have become cautious, because they have been extremely harmed in 2013-2015.
    Hangzhou has gathered a couple of blockchain believers, and today Hangzhou can rise to some blockchain business center, as well as the Hangzhou government is actively accepting new ideas and new technologies.
    The start of this round of entrepreneurship in 2013 is incredibly meaningful. These pioneers much like Darwin boarded the “Beagle”, gathered a solid basis for the new entire world of blockchain, explored the entire Bitcoin industry string, and many have got landed Following the software, from ATM machines to equipment wallets, from cross-border payment to e-commerce, this wave of entrepreneurs all attempted it.
    The year 2013 was an extremely glorious year within the blockchain era. It had been the starting point for blockchain entrepreneurs. The future background of blockchain civilization may very well be closely linked to this generation.
    “Titanic” within the eyes of speculators 2014-2015 may be the cold winter period of blockchain.
    On Dec 5, 2013, 5 ministries and commissions including the People’s Standard bank of Tiongkok issued the “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Dangers.” Starting from today, Bitcoin has got into a downward route. Many Bitcoin startups are usually struggling, and a lot of entrepreneurs have left this circle. The friends within the Bitcoin circle who have walked together should be in a position to perceive the next path chart:
    When Bitcoin was at 4500,
    Business owners of Bitcoin gather together to make strings.
    When Bitcoin was investing at 3,500,
    If you move north to Shenhang, you can find several people to gather.
    When Bitcoin was in 2000,
    Many Bitcoin entrepreneurs began to sell coins for a living.
    When Bitcoin was at 900,
    No one talks about Bitcoin anymore.
    Ten thousand horses set off together, there is absolutely no sky.

    In March 2014, the world-renowned Bitcoin exchange MT.Gox went bankrupt. Many early Bitcoin players were buried within the pit. The collapse of the temple made many people lose self-confidence in Bitcoin. In the end, MT.Gox It’s been the beacon of bitcoin charges for a long time.
    At exactly the same time, China’s two main exchanges introduced futures trading that can be shorted, and more speculators began to “short”, using all means, and the price of Bitcoin also hit new lows.
    IN-MAY 2014, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin came to China to distribute his Ethereum concept, and the entire currency circle was even now immersed within this solemn atmosphere.
    WHILE I met Vitalik for the very first time in Shenzhen, he was slender, his blue eyes were clear and warm, just like a young man next door. He speaks using a soothing tone and lack of passion, so that the people below are drowsy. They have entered the chilly winter of the currency circle, and few people really care what Vitalik said. Later, the picture of Vitalik in Shenzhen that was circulated on the Internet collected half of the current currency circle. Vitalik was hiding within the fourth put on the proper of the trunk row. Part of his face was clogged by Li Yingfei of Ant Mining Device and Yang Jianjun of Bitcoin International.
    Everyone wants to look for possibilities in such meetings, and the future of Bitcoin is murky.
    2014 is really a tormented year. Even if believers still think that Bitcoin can be the ruler of currency in the future, they need to find another way without strong capital.
    At the start of 2015, there were two large-scale coin loss incidents in China. One may be the runaway of the Bitcoin piggy bank, and another is that a lot more than 8,000 Bitcoins were stolen from Bitcoin. The “Titanic” of the blockchain continues to be strike by these reefs countless times.
    In August 2015, I ran from Shenzhen to the Reclining Buddha Temple in Beijing to take part in the copyright conference held by Caixin. I called the starry sky during the night, as well as the starry sky called Zhao Dong. Sitting for the patio of the Reclining Buddha Temple, I talked about the truth that the cash are individuals and points. That night time, the Reclining Buddha Temple was as dark as printer ink, and there is just a dim light in the tiny courtyard. The three of them didn’t know if they were talking, I just remember to send out them out. WHILE I was in the temple, I couldn’t see the way forward whatsoever.
    Of these difficult years, believers persevered, people that have nowhere to visit, the best exchanges that had taken the investment persevered, plus some asset-heavy chip vendors persevered.
    Of these difficult years, miners journeyed all over China searching for low-cost hydropower, even now insisting on pioneering survival.
    In 2015, if there is even now a hint of warmth within the blockchain world, it really is that Wanxiang Team held higher the banner of ¨blockchain〃 and established a blockchain laboratory, which opened up the entranceway to blockchain finance and gave the currency circle a lift. Ji Qiangxinzheng, I want to give thanks to Xiao Feng and Shen Bo for taking a stand when the blockchain is within crisis. Moving against the trend and generating trends is definitely of great importance.
    Bai Shuo, the former main engineer of the Shanghai STOCK MARKET, believes that the fundamental feature of the blockchain is programmability and works with the blockchain through the curve of technology and finance. There are also Internet entrepreneurs in the original IT circle such as for example Meng Yan and Yuandao. They look at the blockchain from the technical perspective and echo the rationalists of Bitcoin. They no more emphasize the essential concepts of liberalism, but will ” The idea of “blockchain” continues to be removed, allowing more folks to understand what Bitcoin is from a technical level.
    It’s been a difficult two years. Many excellent startups possess closed down because they can’t persist, and many excellent projects have got died midway.
    For your speculators who poured in to the “ghost dispatch” of the blockchain in 2013, the blockchain is among the most “Titanic” that is going to hit the iceberg, and it may breakdown anytime.
    The “Sea Wolf Submarine” within the eyes of Xinrui Capital temporarily retreated in 2016, but most people did not feel the arrival of spring.
    Following the baptism of Bitcoin in 2013, many financial elites have already been taking into consideration the mix of blockchain and their very own industry.
    From the technical perspective, the emergence of Ethereum in 2015 created a new continent at the blockchain entire world. The concentrate on Bitcoin has gradually shifted to the blockchain. Some traditional institutions have started to take into account the underlying technologies of Bitcoin, the blockchain.
    The Hyperledger and R3 alliance that emerged from 2015 to 2016 brought confidence and assistance to the blockchain world. Although winter season remains, the world appears to have been quietly modifying.
    Bitcoin creation was halved on July 8, 2016. No main events happened on that day, but it paved the way for the speedy increase in the price of Bitcoin within the later period.
    In August 2016, the next phase of YI successfully crowdfunded 6119BTC, which stunned many people within the currency circle. Probably the most capital-minded group have already smelled the breathing of spring.
    At the end of 2016, because of the increasingly fierce exchange price dispute between China and the United States, the latest forces in the administrative centre circle as well as the financial entire world have realized that cryptocurrency might provide new channels, undercurrents, and financial assistance. These people expressed their views for the blockchain. This means that the ghost ship through the encrypted entire world is no more terrifying in their eyes, but is vying to catch the “new aircraft carrier” resulting in the future entire world.
    In 2017, ICO was created. The wealth effect it brought shifted the whole world. Everything differs.
    Blockchain is going to subvert the web, and many individuals show this sigh.
    A project with out a team and technology, only a concept, relying on a white paper, could make billions inside three months.
    2017 is really a exclusive year recorded inside the annals of blockchain. It is a bit much like 2013. Big Vs like Li Xiaolai, Xu Xiaoping, and Xue Manzi are usually vying to cheer for it. Commercial capital floods in crazily. Although they are famous, crooks are usually rampant. Capital enters the same dirt and fine sand. But at exactly the same time, a number of new teams, new technologies and new applications have also poured in, as well as the nascent blockchain entire world and the original Internet entire world will be connected.
    The intervention of new forces has turned the planet of blockchain ugly.
    Since 2017, tasks using a hundredfold come back have already been everywhere, as well as the wealth effect opened with the blockchain has made the Internet entire world coveted.
    While most of the old capitals remain hesitating and condemning this “unjust wealth”, the new capital of the younger generation regards it being a “sea wolf submarine”, and they’ll hide within the underwater world and counterattack with lightning quickness. New World.

The EOS project raised 4.2 billion Us all bucks and became the most successful crowdfunding blockchain task in history.
Encrypted communications provider Telegram elevated a complete of US$1.2 billion in private placement actions involving only 200 individuals.
The IPFS project raised only $257 million by selling only 10% of its shares.
During this time, many excellent blockchain tasks have also surfaced in China.
Not forgetting the main public chains, NEO, Bytom, Metaverse, and Nebula possess started a new long march.
From 2017 to 2018, some new tasks are also shining:
The consortium chain includes a domestically produced, autonomous and controllable Hyperchain led by Li Wei;
He Bin uses ERC20 as the entry way to occupy the best stage of cryptocurrency finances;
The basic public chain “Ontology Network” released by Jun Li also got the technology house
Addititionally there is the SLife task of the transformation of the original crowdfunding platform “Get Started”;

Outside of the task, Token capital poured inside and began to package its blockchain identity;
More new generations want to seize power, hoping to make their mark for the “ghost dispatch”. Among them, many scammers have also started to pretend to be experts. Within this new era of prosperity myths, they are doing everything they are able to to become a “coin circle internet celebrity”.

2017-2018 is an period of “Western Nuggets”, and various new concepts and new systems have already been promoted, from EOS to IPFS, from ERC20 to ERC1404, from open public string to DApp, from currency change to string transformation, from TOKEN From economy to stablecoins, various future blockchain ecosystems are coming, including traditional Internet giants, and there is absolutely no way to relax. NetEase’s ¨Planet Bottom〃, Baidu’s ¨Du World〃, and Alibaba’s ¨Ma Jibao〃 are all one. A get track. At exactly the same time, various experts, colleges, monopoly Internet companies, and governments are all rushing to grab the proper to speak within the encrypted entire world created by technology geeks and earlier evangelists over the past decade and repair their own main nodes.
Following the ¨aircraft carrier〃 within the eyes of Time Traders experienced the bull market surge in 2017, starting from March 2018, currency costs began to fall, plus some items dropped by as much as 95%.
In 2018, the blockchain quickly entered the chilly winter era, and various blockchain projects began to swim naked.
In 2018, ICO has become a street computer mouse, but STO (Security Token Giving) is considered another trend.
Days inside 2019 are getting more and more difficult. Some exchanges possess opened up an IEO financing model, which identifies a means for exchanges to directly help projects go online to raise funds and sell their tokens.
In terms of financial models in the past two years, one of the most considerations about blockchain is that ¨steady coins〃 have already been valued.
In Sept 2018, the economic services department in NY, the United States approved two steady currencies, Gemini Buck and Paxos Regular, each of that was exchanged for 1 U.S. money, targeting the wild long USDT. This is the perfect mix of energy and mathematics, and a digital extension of the money hegemony.
However, some companies usually do not play their cards based on the set up script. In June 2019, Facebook united with 26 companies around the world release a the cryptocurrency Libra (Libra) so that they can establish a easy, borderless currency.
Facebook’s entry in to the blockchain implies that 2.7 billion users will access the cryptocurrency payment program; three-quarters of the web population will get into the planet of blockchain; the battlefield of technologies giants has expanded from user debris to the economic entire world; non-sovereign currencies possess begun to become real Strike the “money hegemony.”
After nearly 500 many years of longer evolution of modern legal currency, the united states dollar has defeated gold as the universal currency of the planet and has become the most reliable weapon for harvesting the planet. How do it quit?
In the face of these various programs both overtly and secretly, Zuckerberg, that has been “combating” for a long period, warned: If the United States does not act again, after that China will surpass us!
On Oct 24th, the very best level traders in China conducted the 18th collective study on the existing status and styles of blockchain technology, emphasizing the use of blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technology unbiased innovation, and accelerating the promotion of blockchain technology and industry Innovation and growth.
On Oct 28th, the electronic currency DCEP developed by the People’s Standard bank of China moved from behind the scenes to the front. Lots of people exclaimed, is this the “” new world ” currency” made by China at the global economies?
Weighed against the aggressive and active learning of the great eastern powers, Zuckerberg could be concerned at this time: considering it, the stubborn veteran of the dynasty, who cares for the tiny gains and forgets the righteousness, completely knows that the enemy is coming, and is completely bad. , Oh oh poor.
This day can be a watershed. It really is no longer only a individual imagination of the decentralized entire world, it may also be the nationwide will of the centralized entire world.

The “canoe” driven by Satoshi Nakamoto alone is continuing to grow into an “aircraft carrier” that may form a robust deterrent on both sides of the ocean.
Conclusion: At the end of the planet, someone said:
Bitcoin is similar to the Lord of the Bands. After playing for a long period, you will turn out to be magical.
Blockchain can be like an evil dragon, you will become an evil dragon in the event that you look at each other for a long period.
But technologies itself is not guilty. What we should be skeptical of is human being nature itself.
Although the world of artificially constructed blockchains is constantly changing, the blue ghost on the ocean has not changed its course despite a decade of wind and waves.
Of course, it isn’t just a dispatch, it really is an open up source program, a cryptographic algorithm, a P2P digital payment system, an internationally computer, a new underlying operating system for mankind…
In 2019, the blockchain world is still concealed within the fog, and this ghost ship is continuing its journey in to the future.
Nobody is fully alert to the future path, and this ghost ship continues to be changing its look. Every time a new idea is involved, it may give it a new form.
If you actually want to discover the other aspect of the planet, you can only go directly to the finish of the planet with it.


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