With the hot and barbaric growth of ICOs in 17 years, a large number of speculative MLM tasks and air tasks have appeared within the cryptocurrency market. The main features are low technical content, lack of real application situations, heavy marketing and rude style, and the core purpose is to collect money. .
The TRON, which arrived in July and August this past year, happened to correspond to the aforementioned characteristics in many places. It gets the suspicion of increased air tasks: it advertises that it’ll “build a global decentralized free articles entertainment system”, nonetheless it does not have any Complex code and revolutionary ideas, the founder Justin Sun continues to be accused of plagiarism and buzz many times, and several entrepreneurial ventures are lackluster…
But this will not prevent the reputation of TRON’s ICO. After more than a dozen offline roadshows, TRON opened its very first ICO over the Binance platform on August 21, 2017. 500 million TRX tokens had been sold at a cost of about 0.01 yuan within 53 secs. Since then, it has been launched on platforms such as RenRenICO and ICO365, all of which are very popular. In accordance with Zhang Xi (pseudonym), somebody who was deeply involved in the TRON task, TRON elevated about 7,000 bitcoins with this round of ICO, which was well worth about 200 million yuan at the time.
In the previous a couple of weeks, TRON has successfully completed its private equity financing and declared that its private equity investors include Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan, FBG Capital founding partner Zhou Shuoji, Fengrui Capital founding partner Li Feng, and Quantum Chain founder Shuai Chu, OFO founder Dai Wei, etc. Liu Ming, the previous COO of TRON, stated in a live life broadcast in-may this season that TRON acquired a private placement of nearly 4,000 bitcoins and elevated a complete of 600 million yuan in a valuation of 1 1 billion yuan.
Nevertheless, Zhang Xi informed the string catcher that this physique of “600 million” is exaggerated. Predicated on numerous information, the number of TRON’s total financing value is likely to be between 300 and 500 million yuan.

Throughout a TRON roadshow, a large number of beautiful women had been found to promote the task platform, the slogan was quite exaggerated
As an “air” task within the eye of the public, the success of TRON’s ICO is partly due to crazy market problems and partly due to the “better” marketing ability of its founder Justin Sunlight.
Before founding TRON, Justin Sunlight have been well-known in the web industry for a long time. He has the cover of Asia Regular in 2011, the 2014 Davos Forum Global Outstanding Youth, the 30 Forbes The far east business owners under 30 in 2015, and the initial batch of Lakeside University founded by Jack port Ma The only post-90s student on the list of students has numerous dazzling game titles. He also regularly appears in major speeches and participates in interviews with major media programs to get more attention.
Good at marketing and packaging, as well as an unusual desire for fame and fortune, are Sun Justin’s most recognized features. In August 2015, the discharge of the unique manuscript “Justin Sunlight over the Wind” of “Zhizu GQ” fully demonstrated these characteristics of Justin Sunlight. Justin Sun also said in the article, “PR is really a beating heart here. From time to time, we have to jump around, and we’ll die if we don’t jump. Eating is ugly, but there is no way.”
Perhaps it is excessive pursuit of personal exposure and neglect of item attention. Although Peiwo APP obtained 60 million yuan in Series A financing in the next 1 / 2 of 2015, it has never had the opportunity to result in waves in the market. It is definitely ranked within the social category of Apple’s application market 100 From the list, out of 1500.

Peiwo APP public classification ranking development within the Apple App Store from Apr 2016 to August 2017 Supply: Qimai data
To some extent, Justin Sun’s behavior isn’t suitable for the web industry, nonetheless it is exceptionally suitable for the early blockchain industry. Because the blockchain technologies is not yet mature, it is too early to speak about execution and application, which is difficult to utilize it for the time being no matter how solid the technical level and execution are. Once the ICO prevailed in the initial 1 / 2 of 2017, the most popular tasks in the market had been often people that have a team that can tell stories, possess an array of resources, and also have strong marketing features.
“Investment is about people. I knew Justin Sunlight when he was the chief consultant of Ripple Greater The far east. Later I saw that he continues to be participating in numerous shows and entering Lakeside University. I feel that Justin Sunlight is very personal.” TRON Private Equity Buyer, Yang Linke, the founder of Bitcoin The far east, talked towards the string catcher about his reasons for buying TRON, and mentioned, “Moreover, he’s got nearly 1 million followers on Weibo, that may greatly assist TRON’s future promotion.”
Past TRON COO Liu Ming also said that the key reason why he fully helps Justin Sunlight within the TRON task is because Justin Sunlight can use his solid influence outside the currency group to expand the market base of the currency circle.
Among the ICO promoters that swarmed in China in 2017, Justin Direct sun light is undoubtedly perhaps one of the most encountered and celebrities. His marketing ability is recognized as the top, and he’s got a keen sense of the emotional needs and tendencies of common people. These characteristics are fully shown in TRON’s ICO and following operations.
Zhang Xi told the string catcher that TRON’s long-term PR technique can be summed up in two conditions: ¨keep high and hit high〃 and ¨lower to dust〃. “Holding high and enjoying high” refers to the creation of TRON into a extremely compelling task, which firstly binds the founder Justin Sunlight with labels of “posting-90s entrepreneurial leader”, “Ma Yun disciple”, “Global Outstanding Youth” along with other labels.
A project person, Wang Kaidi (pseudonym) who spent some time working with TRON, told the string catcher that Justin Sunlight is particularly worried about the name “Ma Yun’s very first post-90s disciple”. If this name is not used in the manuscript, he’ll say this The manuscript’s setting of him is inaccurate, which is requested to become corrected. “Now Justin Sun has rarely utilized this name, because Alibaba has warned him.” He Di additional.
Secondly, TRON will often find public relations companies to connect with top overseas media such as Reuters to create soft articles, and translate the manuscripts and transmit them back again to China. “Retail investors will think this can be a global high-quality task.” Zhang Xi mentioned.

Part of overseas media reviews translated by TRON’s public account in November
As shown within the physique above, TRON’s overseas press advertising stations have pass on from Reuters along with other best overseas press to regional mainstream press such as Russia and South Korea, and keep maintaining the frequency of at least one article per week and one new press. Create an environment where TRON has been taken notice of all over the world.
In The far east, TRON’s publicity channels are broader. From popular financial press to grassroots self-media, many of them possess published news reviews for TRON, and the content is mostly to show TRON’s skills and technical power. Based on the string catcher, TRON in addition has specially incubated several blockchain self-media.
“Low towards the dust” mainly refers to the founder Justin Sunlight who often contacts and communicates with users within a “low user profile”, and forcefully creates Justin Sun’s personal IP. Based on the string catcher’s observation, the majority of TRON’s news information is very first delivered through Justin Sun’s personal Weibo, Twitter along with other social media marketing, and TRON’s standard account is only forwarded and distributed. In the bottom of TRON’s public site, Justin Sun’s personal Weibo, Twitter, Facebook along with other accounts are listed, and the number of followers is greater than that of TRON’s public account, that is extremely rare in every project public websites.
It can be seen from Justin Sun’s personal Weibo he publishes at the very least 5 text messages each day on average, the majority of which are posting task dynamics and commenting on market styles, and occasionally “smashing” hot spots, such as imitating Hu Haiquan’s sigh after Chen Yifan’s drug incident. The remarks over the gene editing occurrences generally demonstrated a funny and down-to-earth picture.
On TRON’s WeChat official account, users can even find Justin Sun’s personal WeChat QR program code directly within the menu bar, and apply to become friends within 1 day. His Occasions often publish TRON up-dates and market remarks. In this regard, Zhang Xi informed the string catcher that Justin Sun’s Weibo along with other major social media marketing updates weren’t submitted by Justin Sunlight himself. TRON includes a unique copy manager for editing and enhancing and management. Those WeChat balances are also synchronized by Justin Sun’s group of friends. info.
Justin Sun can be very eager to talk to users through live broadcasts. During the ICO phase in August 2017, he performed at the very least 12 live broadcasts over the Weibo Yi live broadcast platform. At the end of the month, the ICO was live broadcast nearly every day through the few days. Since then, Justin Sun still maintains a regularity of at the very least 1-2 periods a month, communicating with users at important TRON nodes.
“Along with Our god V, which task founders dare to come out there and shout like this?” Jeffery, the founder of Chaocai Mao, mentioned that he committed to the secondary market based on Justin Sun’s “pleasing” PR technique. .
However, it should be remarked that the number of clicks about each live life broadcast of Justin Sun is in between 5 million and 20 million, but the number of remarks is normally around 1,000. The ratio of the two is less than the normal ratio, and Justin Sunlight still has just 106 enthusiasts on Weibo. Million. Based on the string catcher’s understanding from multiple resources, nearly all Sun Justin’s live life broadcasts were produced by way of a third-party team, and the true number of people online was for the most part a couple of thousand.
Actually, TRON has apparent traces of fraud in major channels such as Weibo, Twitter, and official accounts, and the number of article comments and reposts is likely to be a minimum of 70%.

Suspicious messages within the message area of ??TRON’s standard standard account: The number of comments is comparable, and most from the unconventional account names and content material are meaningless

Suspicious forwarding content material of Justin Sun’s Weibo: The forwarding time is without a doubt too regular, and the account name is without a doubt sloppy and meaningless
Although the real coverage of live broadcasts along with other social media isn’t big, Zhang Xi still believes that it is significant. ¨Most retail investors really don’t care about work or technical indicators. They only care about prices and increases. Social media generally plays a formal role: Once the price of TRON slowly rises, Justin Sun’s frequent voices have become beautiful. Data is the best’aphrodisiac’ for retail investors.” Zhang Xi mentioned.
But these false information will obviously not satisfy Justin Sun. In the end, his need to be implemented and discussed surpasses most business owners, and TRON also needs a constant stream of new traffic. “I gauge whether something is to be done or not really. It is vital that it is not lively. Somebody must focus on me, even though it is scolding me?” He once said in that popular GQ function.
Justin Sunlight has repeatedly commented on Ethereum and Aite V on Tweets, and the two edges have repeatedly argued for this reason. The improvement of conventional tasks cannot draw in wide-ranging attention. Only such “unconventional” articles can be submitted on social media marketing. Became popular. A couple weeks ago, Justin Sunlight even introduced the invitation from the well-known basketball gamer Kobe to take part in the TRON meeting early next 12 months. Earlier, there have been many rumours in the market that TRON would cooperate with Web giants such as Alibaba, Baidu, Twitter, etc., but there is no follow-up.
In recent months, TRON is trying its better to shape itself like a “doing practical” task. In the cold winter, numerous blockchain projects possess inserted a “hibernation” condition, with little improvement. In this context, TRON not merely continues to keep a stable exterior voice, for instance, every week it announces that TRON has listed on a fresh exchange, attained a cooperation with a task, was reported by an overseas media, and kept an offline Meetup in a certain country, etc. , At the same time, the number of dealings and addresses on its main network has repeatedly hit new highs and the number of DApps has grown rapidly. There are also frequent reports, such as “After the slots were full, but TRON really was performing something.”

Looking at it now, TRON’s online marketing strategy is undoubtedly quite successful. It has not only changed numerous people’s impressions of TRON from an ¨air〃 task to some ¨practical〃 tasks, but in addition has become a ¨design〃 for a large number of blockchain tasks. “Many other task users will advise the task side to learn TRON’s online marketing strategy in the community.
However, under the picture that TRON has tried hard to generate, are TRON’s technologies and ecology really as sophisticated and excellent as advertised?
“Re-Note” Technologies and Ecology With regards to TRON technologies, plagiarism is an inevitable topic.
In early January 2018, Juan Benet, the founder of Protocol Labs, tweeted that at the very least 9 pages from the British version of TRON’s white papers were copied from IPFS or Filecoin documents; in Apr, the founder of Ethereum retweeted ” Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V” satirize the plagiarism from the TRON white papers; in June, DAR analysts found multiple program code examples copied from additional projects within the TRON codebase. TRON’s plagiarism has almost become a well-known thing in the industry.
Justin Sun also indirectly acknowledged and responded to this question within an interview, “I think the essence of business community is the execution ability and whether it can truly deliver a thing.” He mentioned, “I think it is the best thing to do. Important. To some extent, it doesn’t seem sensible to claim about who possesses this notion.”
Jeffery also believes that the industry itself is open source. The main element is who is able to implement these technology. In this manner, let more folks understand and attract even more talents to perform a common result in. This isn’t a strategy.
Due to frequent chaos on the market and TRON’s great PR strategy, enough time of plagiarism has not had a considerable effect on TRON, and TRON’s investment in technology is definitely gradually increasing.
Beginning in Oct 2017, TRON offers successively recruited a large number of technical executives from major popular Internet companies. The foremost is Chen Zhiqiang, currently the CTO of TRON. He has previously offered in NetEase, Tencent, 360, and contains offered as Ali Baba large data expert (the title from the draft is P8). In Dec, TRON once again recruited a general from Alibaba-former Alibaba information mining expert Zhao Hong, who is currently the technical leader from the TRON public string.
At the start of the year, TRON successively recruited many senior technical engineers from Internet companies such as Baidu, Meituan, and JD. So far, there are more than 100 technical personnel. Whatever the history of technical executives or the size of technical staff, TRON can be regarded as perhaps one of the most high-class projects within the blockchain industry.
At the same time, TRON’s long-term objective has quietly changed from “building a global free content entertainment system” to “developing the world’s largest blockchain decentralized application operating system”, attempting to attract even more third-party developers to TRON The primary chain develops DApp applications.

Comparison of the number of program code submissions by TRON and Ethereum along with other tasks on GitHub Supply: Provided by Tripio
As is seen from the above figure, the number of program code submissions on GitHub after March this season by TRON has more than doubled, which is often several times greater than that of Ethereum until November. Based on the information of TokenInsight catalog on Dec 7th, TRON has submitted a complete of 853 codes on GitHub in the last 3 months, position 9th among all blockchain tasks.
With the launch of TRON’s mainnet at the end of June this season and subsequent optimizations, the TRON’s mainnet has been around operation for more than 5 weeks. Judging through the performance of the primary network, TRON has not yet been exposed to major vulnerabilities. On the other hand, Ethereum and EOS sensible contracts have fairly more vulnerabilities subjected; TRON also claims that the primary network TPS can reach up to 2000. The stop browser implies that the existing peak worth of TPS is 748, that is much higher than Ethereum but less than EOS’s 3996; the deal fee of TRON’s main network is equivalent to that of EOS, and Ethereum still requires a specific fee; in accordance with DappRadar information, TRON DApp The quantity is about 20 (generally game DApps), that is much lower than EOS’s 197 and Ethereum’s 1,265. The number of users from the second option two DApps can be several times that of TRON.

It can be seen from the above information that the overall procedure of TRON’s mainnet is relatively steady and contains certain advantages over Ethereum and EOS. Nevertheless, the number of DApp designers and the number of users are less than that of Ethereum and EOS. This may be linked to the gradual improvement of TRON’s major network and imperfect facilities, or it may be linked to the long-term adverse impression of TRON within the developer community.
Although TRON has received the favor of a large number of ordinary users with its “excellent” PR strategy, its characteristics of hype and plagiarism have been deeply rooted within the hearts of veterans within the blockchain industry, especially technology developers. This natural impression is usually It is challenging to remove. When String Catcher asked numerous blockchain technology professionals about their views on TRON technologies, the vast majority of them mentioned that they hadn’t studied TRON technologies and code and may not comment.
Tang Binhua (pseudonym), the person responsible for a well-known investment organization, told Chaincatcher that this TRON task would hardly end up being discussed in their circle since they always idea it was an air task and did not approve of its propaganda methods. Numerous projects with much better technologies than it have been implemented, and there’s also numerous projects with a higher level of execution. Therefore, we will not consist of TRON within the scope of study and investment.”
But even yet in such an atmosphere, the number of dealings and addresses over the TRON mainnet continued to generate new highs. In accordance with data through the TRON stop explorer, the number of dealings attained 2.39 million on Dec 1, that is four times that of Ethereum. Amount of dealings. However, according to the understanding and observation from the string catcher, although the recent advancement of TRON DApp and the increase in airdrops possess indeed contributed a large number of dealings to TRON, this massive data still has many suspicious factors.
First, the growth rate of TRON’s major network address will not fit the growth rate of the number of dealings. The former is much less than the second option. As is seen through the figure, the number of dealings on TRON’s major network has increased sharply since mid-October, and contains reached a maximum raise of 10 periods so far. Nevertheless, during the exact same period, TRON’s major network addresses have become slowly, and also have just improved by about 40% since mid-October. It really is difficult to have a reasonable explanation.

TRON mainnet deal with growth chart

TRON mainnet deal count chart
Second, there are many suspicious points within the deal transfer information of TRON’s major network, including frequent mutual transfers in between multiple addresses and frequent occurrences of small-value transfers. For details, you can view the following usual screenshots used by the string catcher:

Transfer info around 17:04 about November 29 Supply: tronscan.org
Transfer info around 15:55, November 29 Supply: tronscan.org

Transfer info around 11:20, November 15 Supply: tronscan.org

From the above transfer transaction information, it can be seen that in recent weeks, there were many addresses over the TRON’s major network which have been reverting to and from the accounts, and they have all been completed in a short time. But neither personal transfer dealings nor automatic dealings produced by DApp sensible contracts can explain just why there are like frequent mutual transfers and circular transfers in a short period of time. “That is apt to be due to the automatic transfer program produced by TRON itself. “Zhu Nan (pseudonym), a public chain developer, informed Chaincatcher.
Considering that there is no managing fee for TRON transfer transactions, and Justin Sun’s demand and mastery of speculation, this speculation has considerable trustworthiness. “The most effective thing about Chinese people is that they read all the unspoken guidelines with judging criteria very clearly, and make what they perform very much based on the standards and guidelines.” Wang Kaidi is convinced that as long as everyone beliefs ??the main network transaction quantity and The number of code up-dates, TRON will enhance its worth through various means.
But an indisputable fact is that TRON’s current community string and DApp ecological building efforts can position in the top five of all community chains. Based on the observation of string catchers, TRON is almost the blockchain task with the highest frequency and the most rewarding of varied development competitions. Based on the info released by TRON in early April this season, the project launched the TronPG 2 billion USD praise program that includes a series of activities, which includes:
At the start of April, TRON announced the holding of the initial programming competition, stimulating developers to build up cold wallets, hot wallets, and block explorers adapted towards the TRON mainnet. The total prize pool is definitely USD 1 million;
At the end of April, TRON announced the starting from the TRON Entrepreneur Fund Plan. As long as the TRON ecological item produced by the team reaches the DEMO level or higher and goes by the evaluation, TRON gives a single task a loan of 100,000 US dollars. In terms of repayment methods, the project celebration can repay the debt without attention within 1 . 5 years or convert it to equity after financing. If the project fails to start a company, you won’t be held accountable;
In mid-June, TRON announced the launch of a US$20,000 “reward” program, that may issue a bonus of US$20,000 for tasks that are appropriate for TRON’s excellent wallet and block explorer;
On November 29th, TRON announced the establishment of a blockchain game fund, saying that it’ll invest 100 thousand US dollars within the next three years to create a blockchain video game ecosystem on a global scale;
On Dec 1, TRON announced the launch of a million-dollar acceleration plan to encourage designers to build up and submit DApp works on TRON. The first prize works can receive 200,000 U.S. dollars rewards, and the full total prize pool is definitely 1 million U.S. dollars;
On Dec 5, TRON announced the launch from the Ecological Co-builder Plan to support TRON DApp designers to use for resources such as funding, technical support, and community diversion. DApps that complete specific duties can receive rewards.
Along with directly issuing a large number of bonuses, TRON in addition has invested in several blockchain projects before year. Based on the figures of String Catcher based on public information on the web, Justin Sunlight or TRON possess invested in at the very least 5 projects which includes Tripio, Global Social String, DACC, and Sport.com.
Included in this, Tripio technical partner JQ told Chaincatcher that they will contemplate using TRON because the very first stop for cross-platform deployment from the Tripio protocol and create a TRON version from the Tripio protocol. “Not only is it more important, TRON will also Because TRON is highly appropriate for the Ethereum language, the input-output ratio could be more realistic for us.”
As for the partners, you can find even more. In the last 1-2 weeks, TRON has already reached cooperation with at the very least 15 tasks which includes NeoWorld, DappRadar, dapdap.io, Cocos-BCX, SpiderStore, Blockchain Cuties, etc., among which are video game tasks and DApp platform tasks, and TRON The direction of the recent strong creation of video game DApps is constant.
Through large-scale rewards, investment, and the final outcome of cooperation, TRON is without a doubt building a large-scale “friend circle” through interest relationships, and jointly plays a part in the improvement of TRON’s major network infrastructure and DApp applications, and promotes TRON’s DApp to get more Multi-audience, moving towards landing.
At this point, the foundation of huge wealth, a clue that runs through the entire text has emerged: TRON’s financial power is quite strong.
Whether it is a large-scale launch of adverts, a large number of people from Web giants, continuous high-value contests, and multiple foreign investments, huge sums of cash are needed. In June this season, TRON even invested US$140 million over the acquisition. P2P download software program BitTorrent. After “vomiting” all ICO money back the September Fourth Incident of this past year, how come TRON still therefore rich? Why also projects with increased market value aren’t therefore “trenched” by TRON?
The bottom line is, Justin Sun’s strong desire for wealth and success, under excellent marketing strategies and crazy market conditions, prompted him to perform an enormous accumulation of wealth. There are “personal battle” elements, but more of them are ” Historic process.
Just like most ICO tasks, Justin Sun’s major purpose for founding TRON is likely to be “to get cash.” Liu Ming, the pre-TRON COO, stated within the live life broadcast in-may that Justin Sunlight did not have confidence in Bitcoin and decentralization whatsoever in the early days of TRON, and instantly exchanged Bitcoin for lawful tender after the private sale was completed. Afterwards, Liu Ming mentioned within the group of close friends that Justin Sunlight even hoped to accept RMB investment directly, but he urged him to stop.
After the Sept 4th Incident, Justin Sun once attracted a lot of attention due to his hard-line attitude of resolutely not really refunding the currency. TRON’s ICO was originally scheduled on Sept 9, 2017, but after the market circulated information regarding the imminent supervision at the end of August, Justin Sunlight instantly accelerated the ICO improvement, and finally introduced the completion of the ICO on Weibo on Sept 3, “Justin Sunlight even returned The plan was to start investing on Chinabinet before the document was released, but at noon over the 4th, Chinabinet informed Justin Sunlight that they had been already within the Financial Bureau, and they quit.” Zhang Xi mentioned.
This statement was partially confirmed in Liu Ming’s Weibo. As demonstrated in the picture below, Liu Ming replied to some netizen on Weibo, ¨He (Justin Sunlight) refused to withdraw, and insisted he can be detailed on the local exchange today. I’m also confident. Let’s discover who dares to do so today.〃 Zhang Xi also told The string catcher, Justin Sunlight flew to South Korea soon after learning that this currency cannot be detailed and the document was released.

Liu Ming’s Weibo touch upon Justin Sun’s refusal to withdraw the gold coin in September this past year
Under various symptoms, Justin Sun’s mental state of not reconciling to stop this huge sum of billions of dollars is seen. But in the finish, under great pressure from companions such as Liu Ming and He Yi, Justin Sunlight accepted the refund and returned the thousands of bitcoins elevated within the ICO to investors. However, Justin Sunlight did not expect that this massive “loss” really paved just how for him to win more wealth.
Based on the TRON white papers, TRON issued a complete of 100 billion TRON tokens, of which 40% had been publicly marketed, 15% had been privately marketed, 35% had been owned with the TRON Foundation and used for ecological construction, and 10% was used to cover early support to help keep me happy (Beijing) Technologies Co., Ltd., that is the operating entity from the Peiwo APP mentioned previously.
String Catcher has learned from multiple sources that this 35% of TRON tokens held with the TRON Foundation are always under the personal handle of Justin Sunlight, and the 10% owned by Peiwo Technologies can be controlled by Justin Sunlight. Following the TRON refund channel was opened in September this past year, most ICO and private equity investors thought we would withdraw their tokens, and many of these returned TRON tokens had been in the hands of Justin Sunlight. As a result, more than 90% of all Tron gold coin issuance is controlled by Justin Sunlight personally, forming a higher degree of handle.
Although TRON didn’t get on Chinabinet on Sept 4, and the entire industry was turbulent at that time, Justin Sun still did not give up the idea of ??landing over the exchange at the earliest opportunity. In the end, for Justin Sunlight, listing over the exchange implies that a large number of TRON coins in his hands will undoubtedly be realizable.
The chain catcher on the Coinmarketcap website that this transaction of Tron coin was included in the statistics of the web site as soon as Sept 13 this past year. Based on the info learned with the string catcher, TRON was logged on to the decentralized investing platform EtherDelta at that time. At the end of Oct, TRON officially got over the Binance platform.
In accordance with Coinmarketcap data, the price tag on Tron continues to be fluctuating slightly in the number of 0.01-0.02 yuan from the beginning of Sept to the finish of November this past year, but the daily trading quantity has risen from the early 500,000-1.5 million yuan to 2000-4000 Ten thousand yuan.
Since then, combined with the crazy rise of the entire market, the purchase price and daily investing volume of TRON also ushered within a surge. The price attained a peak of 1 1.87 yuan on January 5, the full total issued market value reached 187 billion yuan, and the daily investing volume reached 34.3 billion yuan. So far, Tron Coin has turned into a member of the “100 Times Gold coin”.
In this rally, the one who gained the most was Justin Sun, who owns more than 90% of TRON. Based on the string catcher, Justin Sunlight continues to be gradually offering the coins in his hands after the TRON gold coin landed over the swap, especially after he got on Binance. Liu Ming also mentioned within the live life broadcast that Justin Sunlight utilized the identities of a number of TRON employees to open balances over the Binance investing platform and cost the TRON coins to the balances and market them for cash.
“Sun Justin’s destiny is fantastic.” Zhang Xi sighed many times in the interview.
There is absolutely no method to know how much cash Justin Sun cashed out in that bull market. Nevertheless, the string catcher learned from people near Justin Sunlight that the value of all possessions that Justin Sunlight grasped at the beginning of November this season was about more than 10 billion yuan, of which fiat currencies are the major ones, but he is not sure whether it contains about 34% that participate in the foundation and have already been locked. Tron gold coin share. “In terms of real money, I think Justin Sun includes a high probability of being the richest person in the currency group.” Wang Kaidi mentioned.
In addition to the above mentioned factors, the key reason why Justin Sunlight can accumulate such a huge amount of wealth can be due to his “cruel heart.” The string catcher also learned from people near Justin Sunlight that there were long-standing disputes over the distribution of benefits on the list of early members from the TRON team. Justin Sunlight promised to many important early people from the project to give a considerable talk about of TRON’s total circulation. , But was never exchanged, and finally became a significant fuse for most early people to leave.
However, in accordance with Liu Ming, the former COO of TRON, in that live life broadcast, he himself did not discuss the benefit distribution with Justin Sun before he came to TRON. As a result, he asked Justin Sun for the 5% share based on his own factor. Refuse. In the end, Justin Sun just distributed 10 million TRON to Liu Ming, which was one ten thousandth of the full total circulation, and was only worth more than 100,000 yuan at the time. “He can do this kind of matter!” Liu Ming angrily Say.
Whatever the means, TRON is currently undoubtedly the project with available funds in the entire blockchain industry, but Justin Sunlight looks like it is no longer simply “cashing money”, but daring to invest big money to improve TRON. System and ecosystem, even yet in the cold wintertime of this market, TRON’s activities and volume haven’t decreased, which is still perhaps one of the most ¨performing things〃 tasks in the entire industry.
The GQ feature mentioned earlier also mentioned that “you must win” is Sunlight Yuchen’s life creed and core logic. The “must win” in Justin Sun’s mouth area actually includes the double success of prosperity and career. The two complement one another, but the previous takes precedence over the second option. After realizing the entire freedom of prosperity, Justin Sunlight will tend to shift his concentrate to career success. He needs to maintain his picture in this manner. “To this point, even though he will not have confidence in the blockchain, he is able to only power himself Believe, and continue to have fun with.” Wang Kaidi mentioned.
Nowadays Justin Sun’s biggest wish may indeed end up being to create TRON into the world’s largest blockchain decentralized application operating system. He once mentioned in an interview, ¨I don’t desire to be that kind of sad hero, and I’m even more willing to perform things even though I keep infamy. This is actually the biggest change I’ve made over time. Compared to being truly a hero, I’m more Care about making things take place.”
But the problem is that ample funding is certainly one of the necessary disorders for the success from the project, but also factors such as team culture, organizational mechanism, and long-term strategy. The TRON, which has the absolute right to talk by Justin Sunlight, obviously has not exhibited in these aspects. Away from its lead, the internal and external relationships that are exclusively through the binding of passions aren’t unbreakable, and could even become progressively fragile.
If you wish to gain a favorable position in the public string competition and implement request scenarios, TRON still has a lot of urgent research to do in the future.


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